Monday, May 25, 2015

Ups & Downs

Happy Monday!

Hello again! Well we had another pretty great week! It had some serious ups and downs that's for sure. The first 4 days of the week were awesome and by Thursday we had already taught 40 lessons and had put new bap dates, contacted tons so we were on a roll but then one day Elder Rodriguez was getting a little dizzy then he fainted in the street and was out of it for out 3 minutes I wasn't close enough to catch him and we think he hit his head. After he starting throwing up like crazy so we had to take him to the hospital and they did a bunch of tests and gave him lots of drugs. He doesn't have anything serious but is recovering with a bit of nausea. Saturday night Presidente Anaya took us to the mission home because we didn't leave the hospital until about 10:30 at night. Sunday morning we couldn't even come to our church services because we were so far away and went to a different stake conference with Pres and Hna Anaya then came back to the area. 

So that was kinda a distraction but by the end of the week we taught 56 lessons so not to bad and had 4 investigators in church which was great considering we didn't even go. Our baptism got postponed because Joselyn and Alejandras grandpa is in the hospital and they want him to be there so hopefully everything goes well with him this week so he can leave and they can be baptized on Sunday. Going to presidents house reminded me that there are actually cool and beautiful parts of this city, just not in our mission. haha 

We are working hard, it hasn't been easy but the days and weeks are going by so fast because we are just enjoying working together and this work and are trying to take advantage of the short time we have left. 

Today we had a zone activity but we only stayed for the first part because E Rodriguez had to go see the doctor of the Mexico area but everything is fine and he is back to normal. We ate in Sam's club, cleaned the house, went shopping and all the normal pday goodness. 

I was in the offices today gossiping with the senior couple missioneries that are there asking if they have the travel plans for us yet but he said not yet, but soon. But you guys will most likely know before I do, and maybe soon he will be calling home to confirm the airport and what not with you guys. 

Sounds like everything is good at home, busy, here as well which is good. Love you all and hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Elgan

Monday, May 18, 2015

Golden Week

Ben's 20!

Make a Wish!

Hello again!

Well we had a great week here in the mish! It has been great to be here with Elder Rodriguez. We are hoping to achieve so much here. Every single day since the changes we have put at least one new baptismal date so that has been awesome. We are both used to being senior companion and leaders and directing everything so we have had to get use to this a little bit working together and both of us sharing the burden. 

We were able to establish bap. dates starting this week for every week for the next 5 weeks so hopefully that all goes well. This Sunday we will baptize Joselyn and Alejandra who are awesome and super prepared they are 18 and 16 yrs old and are golden and keep all the commitments so hopefully everything goes well with them this week. 

We have lots of promising investigators to teach and had lots at church yesterday, but only about half of those that told us that they would go. We are working with one from San Diego and she mostly speaks English and went to church and really liked it and was thinking about going back to Cali on Friday but now that she went to church is rethinking it and might stay to keep learning more. Samantha (our investigator from Tremonton) went back to Utah :( So that was sad but oh well its better for her. There were days this week that we were just so happy and surprised as we finished them because we were meeting all of our goals, new gators, new bap dates, and we were just laughing and having fun the whole time. Its been pretty great. 

I know these next 10 weeks aren't gonna be easy, I'm gonna love them but I'm sure there will be tests and obstacles but we are gonna keep working and loving the mission and praying to meet our goals. 

Today a member from E Rodriguez's old ward took us to downtown Mexico City and showed us a really turisty flea market type part and I bought lots of awesome Mexico souvenirs. I found an awesome elephant I was so excited so now my mission is complete :) haha jkjk So today was fun and the time just keeps going by faster and faster and before I know it its all gonna be over. 

Love you all, sounds like your all keeping busy at home which is great, good luck Brandi with the home searching hope you find an awesome house, don't settle for less, and if you don't, that means you have to stay in Cache Valley :) Congrats Britt on ANOTHER girl! That's crazy! I'm excited for you guys. 

Have an awesome week!

Elder Elgan

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Ultimate Gift

Hello again!

Well it was so awesome to see you all on Sunday!! Hope all you mothers had a wonderful day. All the kids are growing up so fast! I'm sorry for the crappy English I think I'm gonna have a hard time when I get home. haha. After the call that family made me cake and jello (the typical Mexican dessert) and sang to me so that was good :) Also one of our converts brought pizza to our house Monday night for us. haha So I was loved on my bday :)

So . . GUESS WHAT??? I stayed here in Americas. . and guess who my companion is??. . . ELDER RODRIGUEZ!! Can you believe it? I sure can't. We are so excited. We are going to finish the mission together here for our last two cycles. It was a pretty good birthday present I would have to say :) So on my birthday that happened, then we came back to the area, Elder Rodriguez got settled in a little bit and we worked the whole day and I am SO excited to work with him because we are such good friends, but we are both pretty strict missionaries and I know that we are going to achieve SO much in these last two cycles. We are already put lots of goals and things that we are going to reach. We are excited to work hard until the end. We only have 11 more weeks that is so crazy to me. 

Today we went to celebrate my birthday a little bit and we went to downtown Mexico City and shopped a little bit, ate Panda, only bought a tie but it was a good time. Can't believe I'm 20 now, that seems so old out of the teenage years but oh well bigger and better things are to come. 

We had a good week of work me and Elder de la Cruz, we put 9 new baptismal dates which was awesome, and our sacrament service was the fullest I've ever seen it. (108 attendance) So that felt good to finish off strong but I am so excited to see what the the Lord has in store for us now, and the goals that we are going to try to reach. I'm just happy I feel like I am really going to be able to love and enjoy these last few months in the mission working hard. I'm glad for the time I had with Elder de la Cruz my second son. I learned lots from him and he is gonna be a great missionary.

This week will fly by because tomorrow I have leadership meetings, and on Saturday we have a special mission conference with Elder Christensen of the 70 presidency so that should be pretty good. 

Everyone sounds to be keeping busy which is good, Josh and Kayla have a blast in England and Paris this week send pics :) Hope Britt is doing good and not so sick. Good luck Brandi and Brandon with the move, hope all goes well.

Well I love you all, and have a great week! I know I will!

Love Elder Elgan

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gone for a Swim

Hola Familia Happy May!

Well we had another great week, it sure flew by like all of them do and this will be me and Elder de la Cruz´s last week together :( Its bitter sweet I guess :) But this week was awesome, we had our 3 baptisms yesterday and it felt so good to see those fruits of our labors. We baptized Yolanda, Leonor, and Jose Dolores. I baptized Leonor and Jose Dolores and it was awesome. . BUT I completely BIFFED IT going into the baptismal font on the slippery stairs and kinda baptized myself!! Ha it was kinda embarrassing, freaking gringo. haha. But anywho after all was said and done all of us came out of the font good as new :) Jose Dolores is 71 and was crying like the whole time, he's super awesome and it was a good spiritual experience. After we all went to Yolanda's place and celebrated with some tostadas. ;)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were in divisions with other missionaries in my district and that went really well, it made the week go by extra fast. I went to our ZLs area and it was good, I was nervous leaving my comp in the area but he did really great and taught 12 lessons that day. I have taught him so well :) haha 2 missionaries in my district go home this Saturday and are so dead and don't wanna work much and I'm trying to help them but this will be the last week of struggling with them :)

Yes so transfers are next Tuesday on my birthday (hopefully the Lord gives me a nice present) and pday will be the next on Wednesday so I will write on that day. But first we will talk on Sunday! Yay I'm excited for that, I was wanting you guys to tell me the time but would like 5-6 my time be good?? Hope so, if not let me know. 

I'm super sore because on Saturday we did a service and we knocked out some cement/tile bars that some members had on the outside of their house because they used to sell tacos. They were filled with rebar but we knocked them all out with a big sludge hammer and it was fun, I quite enjoyed it but my body is not used to that kind of work right now so I'm kinda sore. haha. 

I'm not sure if I'll have changes or if my comp will but either way it will be good, we have lots of investigators and are expecting lots of success in the next few months :) But that should just about do it, everything sounds busy as ever at home so that's good. I guess I will SEE you guys on Sunday!!!

Love Elder Elgan