Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elder Elgan's district at the MTC

Here is a picture of our district that Sister Sowby (a branch presidency wife) took of us after the devotional. Elder Farnsworth is on the far left. Then it goes Elder Pendelton, Elder Burgsma, Elder Gardener, Elder Dansie, Elder Morris, Elder Me, Elder Burg. 

Our First Email!

Sent:Wed Aug 28 10:31:42 UTC 2013
Subject: Hola!

Hey guys!

Well it has already been a week, and it seems like it went by in a day. They say the days drag on here but the weeks go by fast and that is definitely true. So the first day you guys dropped me off I went in, and a host missionary showed me around the campus, my room, cafeteria, classroom, etc. I met my teacher Hermana Luna, and she was already telling me all sorts of stuff to do but she wouldnt speak any english so it was pretty much an immediate immersion kinda thing. Like you know my companion's name is Elder Farnsworth and he is from Sandy. We get along really good, and I am glad a got a good companion, because there would be no way i could make it through these 6 weeks if i didn't. We also have a really fun district and we have a lot of fun together.

So. . i am pretty sure i am going to gain about 100 pounds here because all that we do all day is just sit and eat. Seriously though we spend about 10-12 hours a day in the classroom learning spanish and studying. When we are not in the classroom we are eating. The food is pretty good. We eat so much every meal because it is just a huge all-you-can-eat place with everything you would ever really want or need.

So the average day here would consist of waking up at 6:30, and having an hour or either personal or gym time, just depending on the day. Then we would get ready and head to the classroom. We have about 1 hour and 40 minutes for personal study, then companion study. Breakfast is around 8:30. We would then have classroom instruction and language study for a few hours until 1:40 when we eat lunch. We then would have maybe 4 hours of more classroom instruction and language study and the last 4 days we have taught an investigator during this time. We then would have dinner around 6:30, and then it depends on the day what we do after dinner but mainly just a lot of studying. Haha it is just great.

So like i said we have already taught 4 lessons to an investigator. He is a fake investigator, but he is one of the teachers here pretending to be one of the investigators he taught on his mission. So Teaching for 10 minutes in all spanish was a little challenging at first, but we got better every time, and we are getting to the point where we don't have to use any notes. By now i can pray, bear my testimony, teach a lesson and carry on a pretty simple conversation with someone in spanish.

So the Dear Elder thing works great. It is probably the best way to send me letters. Because we get those letters every night, whereas we only get to read and write emails on P-Day. But emails are good we print them out ahead of time on P-Day and read them so it wont take away from our e-mail time so dont worry about that, just know if you write a dear elder letter i will probably get it and read it that day.

So last night we had a devotional at the Marriott Center and Elder Neil L. Andersen was the speaker! It was really good, it is cool to listen to a apostle speak directly to you as a missionary. He gave a great talk about Love before Sacrifice. Basically to sum up his talk he said: We sacrifice for the things we love, We love the things we sacrifice for.

So i have lots of letters to send, but no addresses. So could you write me a letter on dear elder with all the families and friends' home addresses. Thanks.

So i dont think i really forget anything other than my camera cord. It is in my camera box down in my cabinet thing by my bed. So if you want to be just the grandest family and send me a package with all sorts of great stuff including that camera cord that would be great. Also i didn't really bring a causal long sleeve shirt and i kind of want one, either my green or grey/blue volcom one would be great also my grey sanuks would hurt to have either but it is definitely not at all an emergency if you cant send them. Gracias.

Today we went to the Provo temple and that was really great. It feels just wonderful to have a day off of the class work and be able to just do whatever and not be on such a strict schedule. 
So I will try to send pics as much as i can, but it will be a lot easier if i have my camera cord, because otherwise i have to get someone elses card reader and remember to bring it with and give it back and it is just quite the ordeal.

It sounds like everything is going really good at home! Thats exciting the Brittany is getting all moved in. And i cant believe Max and (almost) Sadie are already in school that is crazy sounds like they are going to have a great time. I'm sure Josh's house is coming along great, you are going to have to send me pics when it is getting done.

Well my time is almost up and i need to go switch my laundry anyways so sorry if i missed anything but i will probably be trying to send more individual letters this week, but it was great to hear from all of you and i look forward to hearing from all of you some more! I love and miss you all!

Love Elder Elgan