Monday, February 23, 2015

18 Months :)

Here are some pics of my house

Hola Familia!

Well time continues to fly, and I have more than 18 months in in mission! Crazy! Every month just goes by faster and this week we will be in March. The last 6 months of the mission should be the best, because you supposedly know what you're doing, you have lots of experience, and it's the best time to work the hardest and have the most success! I'm excited, I feel like I have learned so much on my mission so far, and I cant wait to see what these next 5 months have in store for me. 

Things are a little better here in my area. We got familiar with our area, met lots of members, and I don't feel quite so lost anymore. Its so weird being so far away but when I don't think about that, I really like my area. It is pretty nice, and has 4 distinct parts. Americas, which is where we live is the nicest part. There are tons of private drives and nice houses. Hardest to work in though. Another part is called Jardines. Its about like what all my other areas have been, not that nice, just average Mexico City, and 2 parts that are called Laguna and El Salado. Those 2 parts are sketchy and kinda dangerous. It is all dirt roads, and pretty poor. There are lots of awesome members in our ward with money that say they are good take us out to nice restaurants like italiannis and what not for when  its their turn to feed us so I'm looking forward to that. haha Yesterday we ate dinner 3 times because our appointments at 6, 7, and 8 have us dinner that we were not planning on. So that was fun. haha I'm gonna get fat here. 

It is such a challenge opening an area, and the old elders didn't leave us much work, but we have been able to contact lots of people, and have found lots of new investigators and future baptisms. With another week or two I should be back to normal and we will start to see the fruits of our labors. Everything is going good with my comp, he is pretty quiet but we get along good, He, being my son does everything I say so its pretty easy to get along with the people that obey haha. Its crazy because basically nobody in his family are members, and hasn't seen his parents for 4 years! Its gonna be 6 when he gets back, because he was living in Mexicali for 4 years before and never saw them. He should be a good missionary. 

It has been super hot here lately, I'm dying. We are starting the hot summer season here now and so that should be fun. 

Our ward is pretty weak, there were only about 40 people in church on Sunday. There is a ton of work to do, and I can already tell that the members here have lots of confidence in us because the last elders here didn't really gain their confidence if you know what I mean. I'll probably only be here 2 or 3 cycles but I'm excited to see what we can accomplish with this ward in the time that I'm here. 

Everything sounds good at home, everyone sure sounds to be enjoying the vacation life. Mom and Dad have fun in St. Kitts this week, and hope you have a super happy birthday Dad! Send pics! 

Well thanks everybody for your thoughts and prayers, I hope you all have a super great week! Talk to y'all in March! 

Love Elder Elgan

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lots of Changes!

Guillermina's baptism 

Goodbyes in some members/converts houses

Our last district classes in Estrella

Good bye Victoria :(

Hello Dearest Family,

Well a whole lot has sure happened since the last time I wrote a week and a half ago. My last week in Victoria was really good, I am going to miss that ward a ton, I really grew to love it and a lot of the people there. It was hard to say goodbye. We finished off good with the baptism of Guillermina. The mom of Vivana that we baptized last week. That was awesome, she was super excited, and I baptized her. I'll send the pics. It was hard to saw goodbye to some members there, especially the converts. When you serve the children of God, you sure learn to love them. I can most definitely say that I left that area and ward a whole lot stronger than I found it, so that feels really good. 

So the big news is that I had some serious changes. haha. I came to the Ecatapec zone, which is the farthest away. I'm in the state of Mexico now, not the Distrito Federal. Its SO different. I was so nervous when I knew I was coming here. I had avoided it 18 months, but couldn't any longer. The state of Mexico is just far away, more dangerous, more expensive, and just not that fun. haha. My area is called Americas. It is such a challenge opening a new area, like I did in Industrial. The other elders left us a few people and investigators to visit, but not much. The streets, and the addresses are all so different here that I feel so lost. And to top it all off, I'm training! Yep, I got a greenie. His name is Elder De la Cruz. He is from Tabasco, Mexico, but lived in Mexicali. He is 21. I'm district leader now and our district is pretty big. I receive more reports now than I did as zone leader in my small zone. haha. Ahhh its all just so overwhelming I don't know what to think. I have to be a good example and train my comp really good but its so hard when I don't even know what I am doing here. Our house is pretty nice I guess, but not as good as the house in Victoria. But oh well. It is gonna take some time to get use to all of this, but I know I'll get there. Yesterday and today have been really hard for me trying to take it all in and sometimes I just feel like I can't take it any longer. I know that the Lord has given me this test for something, and I know that he just wants me to learn and grow. But its hard. I just have to rely on him a lot and just always be praying so that he can give the strength to keep going. I hope you all can keep me in your prayers so that I can keep going and feel a bit better here. Its gonna be a slow couple of weeks. Hope I make it. 

Everything sounds good at home, everyone is sure keeping busy. Can't believe that I will have 18 months in the mission this Saturday. Crazy. It passes so fast, but it seems like its been forever since I've been home. Only about 5 months left. Its bittersweet to think about. The mission has definitely been the biggest test of my life, and the most difficult thing I've ever done. That being said, it is definitely the most rewarding. Its amazing to see that the Lord always wants us to be better and is always preparing the way so that we can be better people. I know he doesn't put any tests in our way that we can't overcome. 

I hope everything continues to go well at home, love you all, miss you all, and hope you all have a super great week. 

With all my love,
Elder Elgan