Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hello my dearest family!

Well another great week here in the mission. We are doing really good here in our area and making lots of progress. We have lots of great investigators all of which we have been able to find in the short time we have here. This week we will have our first baptism and we are excited for that. His name is Alberto and is super excited to be baptized. April should be kinda crazy for us to schedule baptisms and what not with general conference, stake conference, Semana Santa (holy week- huge here in Mexico when all them crazies go even crazier and everyone is on vacation). We should have bap dates every week, but were gonna have to work around all the craziness but it should be good. Were excited and have lots of work. 

Everything is going good with my comp, hes a really good person and has been through so much in his life and is going to be such a great missionary I just know it. I think he really likes me and trusts in me so that is really good. 

This weekend was cool because I just had one of those moments when I felt so happy to be here, in my place, and not ever wanting the mission to end. Now that this mission is coming closer to the end, I am just loving it more and more.haha. On Saturday a hermano took us to eat and a really nice steak/arrachera restaurant with his wife that's not a member. They have been separated for 2 years but haven gotten the divorce. She has never wanted to join the church, but through some simple things during the lunch she gained lots of confidence in us and asked me what they should do. I quickly explained about the gospel, families, temples,and their divine potential together. I felt good about it, but it wasn't too special. But the next day in church this hermano said that after we left she began to cry and said that she felt something really special when I was talking and after. He told me that what I did in 2 minutes was what he has been trying to do for 2 years. Thanks to the SPIRIT. Now she wants to listen to us again, and who knows maybe a future baptism :) So that was a good experience. I felt happy to know that I was in the mission, in tune with the spirit, and in the right place at the right time. 

Tomorrow President Anaya is coming with us to do visits, so I'm kinda nervous about that so hopefully everything goes good. Gonna need that spirit. haha.

The weather has been really good here recently,not too hot, not too cold,and a little rain. Its been quite pleasant to work. 

Everything sounds great, and super busy at home! That's awesome, its the last week of the transfer so next week I will write on Wednesday, April 1! I got the package this week, and loved it thanks so much! (mother you can activate the card now). So much is happening at home, and the whole Elgan family just seems to be getting married or having babies this year so that's cool I guess. Hope everything continues to go well and that y'all have a great week!

Love Elder Elgan

Monday, March 16, 2015

Do Work

Hola mi querida familia, 

Well another week came and went and it was a pretty good one! We have been working so hard with this area and I feel like we are going to be seeing some fruits soon. This week we established baptismal dates the 22, 28, and 05 of April and had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting. I'm really hoping that we are gonna be able to baptize every week of this next cycle. We have found tons of great investigatores who have been super prepared by the lord to receive the gospel. I really feel like I become more and more converted to the gospel every day here in the mission. I feel so sad for the people who don't want to open their hearts and minds to hear this message, and I feel so happy to see people that do. At the beginning of the mission I felt bad for me when they didn't accept, now I don't, I feel bad for them because it is just about the biggest mistake they can make in their lives. 

Everything is going good with my companion. His birthday was good we worked all day and then walking back to the house I wanted to buy cake so we go into this bakery thing and I was like hey what kinda cake y'all got? And they were like, um cappuccino or baileys. Hmm which one. . . haha But I found some other cake and I sang to him and we celebrated then on Sunday a family gave us dinner and made him another cake. And today we went and ate in Chiles. So it was good, hes 22 now. 

This week they divided my district because they sent 2 more elders in my district so for a few days we were a district of 10 but then they divided it so now its just us, 2 sisters, and 2 elders and both are known by the whole mission for being just the best, hard working, and obedient missionaries. (If you didn't catch the sarcasm, the reality is just the opposite.) So I should have my hands full with those 2. 

So ya everything is going good, it has been cold and rainy all week which was weird but I think were getting back to normal now. Everything sounds good at home, getting into the spring mode of things. Next week I'll probably go to the offices for my package, the offices are so far away from me now. . ahh haha but oh well. Well that's my week, I hope everybody has a great week and stays safe and I'll talk to y'all next Monday!

Love Elder Elgan

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lots of progress . . .

Hola Familia,

Well another week has gone by and we keep on working here below the burning Mexican sun. It was a pretty good week, lots of ups and downs, but I think I am pretty well adjusted to my area. I think back to the first week here in the area when I was so frustrated and overwhelmed and I have come so far. The Lord definitely puts lots of tests in our way to make us learn and become stronger. Even though we only are in our 4th week here in the area I have learned a ton here, and I'm grateful for this area, and everything that we have been able to accomplish until now. The time is just flying by now. Pretty soon I'll only have 3 more transfers. Crazy. 

Everything is going really good with my comp, we get along really good. He is very different from me, but the differences don't seem to bother me and we have fun. It's his birthday this week, gonna be 22 so were gonna have to party. haha. We have lots of good investigators but a big challenge here (and everywhere) is getting them to go to church. The church is pretty far away (in the Mexico Pachuca mission) and our services are really early. (at 8) So its a test of faith. The bad news is that our investigator from Utah is gonna break up with her husband and go back to Utah. :( Sad, but hey, maybe I'll baptize her in Utah! :) haha We were working with a few families and should have lots of baptisms soon. I have big hopes for this area. With all this struggling, we deserve some sweet rewards right? haha We shall see. 

Today was a pretty good day, we went to the big mall that's in our area called Plaza de los Americas and shopped a little bit. (Bought some new shoes on the credit card Mother :) Then went to Sam's club and Walmart. We took our time and had a nice stroll. We ate in Carl's Jr and then came back to the house and relaxed a bit, ironed my shirts for the week and all that fun stuff. Sounds like Mom and Dad had a super fun trip! This pics looked awesome and sounded like you guys had lots of fun. Hope Brandon is ok, that's too bad about the car hope everything works out ok. 

But I think that should just about do it. Everything's going good, and I hope you all have a super great week!

With all my love,

Elder Elgan

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hello March!

Conferencia de zona

Dearest Everybody, 

Well this week was pretty good. We are working so hard everyday and walk so much in this area. I'm so dead at the end of everyday. Its been super hot and the sun is so strong so that sure makes things flavorful. But we have made some serious progress here in our area. My comp is a good missionary, we get along good, and he is always trying to joke around which is good. We know the area pretty good now, and most of the members. We have found tons of new investigators to teach and put baptism dates the 15, 22, and 29 of March. So that's great. I feel like there are always just so many things to do, and I always have to be the example for my comp and slowly he is learning to do it all, but for this most part I do everything. haha which is normal at first I guess. I have a really good district with 8 good missionaries. Our first district class was last week and it went really well and we have another one tomorrow. 

So guess what! We have an investigator from. . . Tremonton Utah! haha crazy huh!? Her husband got deported and since November they have been living here. Her name is Samantha. She went to Bear River and is 26. Such a small world. She really wants to go back cuz all her family is in Utah but doesn't know if she wants to leave her husband or not. She doesn't speak Spanish, so just I teach her in English. (Elder de la cruz doesn't know any English, and trying to teach him is literally like when Phoebe tries to teach Joey french on friends. . exactly the same, so frustrating but so funny at the same time haha) She had met with the Elders in Utah before but stop listening to them after a while. She is so awesome, and is so willing to learn. She went to church on Sunday but was sick and was throwing up during sacrament meeting so went home early. Its funny cuz her car has Utah plates and all, its like a little piece of home. 

We had a zone conference this week which was good, and today we had our zone activity. We just played futbol and ate Little Caesar's. (Pretty boring when Elder Elgan isn't zl haha) But that's ok, the rest of the day was normal, cleaned the house, got a haircut, went to Walmart all the normal pday goodness. 

Well Mom and Dad you guys sure seem to be enjoying the life in St. Kitts. The itinerary and nicest suite in the resort doesn't sound too shabby. haha hope you have a great week and hope Dad had a great birthday! I wanna see pics! Hope everything else is going good with everyone, and hope everyone has a delightful week! 

With lots of love,
Elder Elgan