Monday, April 27, 2015

Too Much Drama

We found Elder Bocanegra in the Visitors Center! 

 My 2 beautiful children. :)


Well we had another pretty good week, it was kinda frustrating for lots of reasons though. This ward and area has been pretty difficult but we are doing our best to try and strengthen it and leave it much better than we found it. There are lots of great members here in our ward but they are just lazy so we trying to work with that. haha. 

This weekend was crazy because at the last minute our baptisms were cancelled. ahh Our ward is like a mini Mexican soap opera and there is so much drama.....

So this week we will baptize Yolanda and Leonor and another investigador Jose Dolores. So we are excited about that, hope no more drama is caused and everything can go as planned. We are working hard, and my comp is learning, slowly but surely how to be an effective missionary. We only have 2 weeks left together So we gotta finish off his training strong. Sometimes I lose my patience with him and he knows that but we talked about that this week and had some good comp bonding moments so it's a bit better now. 

I got the package! Thanks so much, I will open all the presents on my bday, now that I have all the supplies for a great party :) haha Love you all so much, I am SO grateful for such an awesome family. That's sad if it's my last package, I'm gonna miss getting packages, there like a little piece of home,  you will all have to keep sending me some after I get home and I'll keep writing every Monday ok? haha jk. 

Everything sounds busy at home, hope the birthdays went good last week, and hope that Josh and Nixon and Grandma have excellent birthdays this week! Dad have fun in Mexico this week, welcome to the land of chile and tequilla. Hopefully those drug cartels don't getcha. haha no you'll be fine.

Ok that should just about do it, love you all and have a super great week!

Love Elder Elgan 

Monday, April 20, 2015

20 Months

This is a bag of coffee that we took away from some less actives. When we asked her if she had coffee in the house, she was like no, of course not! Then we said, sister don't ya be foolin us tell the truth, and she said ok. We were expecting the normal little bottle that everyone has but nope she pulled out this monster! haha 
(I was on divisions with Elder Gamboa, in my district)

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week flew by and it was pretty dang good! We have tons of work in this area, and we finished off the week pretty happy for what we have in store for the future! Everyday is a test, but its been so worth it. I have learned and grown so much in the short time that I have been in this area and with this comp. We have some great investigators, and this week we should have 3 baptisms. Yolanda and Leonor (mom and daughter) which are awesome. Leonor was born in the US and is 20 and wants to go back to study. Yolanda is so awesome and they are both super prepared for their baptisms this week. We went to the visitors center with them yesterday and it was awesome! So spiritual. The other is Jose Dolores, who we have worked with basically since we got here. He finally has received the answers that for months we have been praying that he could receive, and if everything goes as planned, will also be baptized on Sunday. So we're excited! 

We had interviews with President Anaya this week and they went super well. I left really happy from my interview. Mom, I asked him about the scholarship stuff and he right on the spot began to fill it out. It was pretty funny because he speaks and writes English well but didn't really understand some of the first basic questions and then for the separate paper he was supposed to write he just wrote a big paragraph right on that paper. Maybe I didn't explain myself, but it was funny some of the things he said. I will have to scan it to you or something so you can laugh, don't think its gonna work for the scholarship though. haha 

So ya, everything is going great, we are working hard, my companion likes to get on my nerves sometimes, but oh well, only 3 more weeks and he finishes his training. The days and weeks go by so fast, it just seems like there isn't time to get everything done that we need to do. On Sadie's Bday I will only have 100 days left in the mission field. Its the final countdown. haha

Well the whole fam just keeps so busy every week, so many changes. Mom, glad you had a good bday, and hope SADIE has an awesome one as well this week! That's awesome you got to go to Elder Blotters homecoming. And I can't keep straight with all the changes but good luck to everyone else with all that's going on and all the changes!

Hope everyone has a great week, love you all, and the gospel is true!
Love Elder Elgan

Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Heat!


(we went for sushi to celebrate, thinking of you of course)

Hello Again!

Well this was a super good week! Every week just keeps going by faster. It has been super hot here this week, but right now its raining so that's good. But its still hot. haha This week was super good, we had lots of success, and had tons of spiritual experiences. I was thinking the other day that this area has been the area that I have felt the spirit the most in. But it has definitely been the hardest area. With work and sacrifice we truly receive blessings. On Sunday the spirit was so strongly present in every lesson, it was really awesome. Me comp looked at me and was like, "How is it that you seem to make everyone we teach cry?" haha no, its most definitely not me, its the spirit. When we do whats right, and we look for it, the spirit really can be our constant companion. Cant imagine a life without it. 

I'm very glad spring break season is over so everything can go back to normal for a while. All of our investigators are back, and we should be back in the groove of things this week. We are not gonna baptize until the 26 because this week we have stake conference, but oh well. On the 26 we will baptize Yolanda and Leonor. They are awesome. Every lesson has been so spiritual, and they really love us and the church. It is really nice every once and a while to have investigators that read, pray, go to church, because they really want to and not because we force them. They have been super prepared by the Lord and the 26 should be a great day. We have lots of other investigators, and put quite a few new baptismal dates this week. I want our investigator from Tremonton to progress so bad, so we are working with her. 

Everything is going good with my comp. He's a good missionary. We are already in the 9th week of his training, and I still have to teach all the doctrine in the lessons, and reteach everything he teaches so that the people can understand. He brings the spirit, which is the most important, but we are still practicing and studying a ton so he can learn. But we get along good.  

Today was a good day, we got up early, cleaned the house, did all we needed to do then went downtown. Of course we met up with Elder Rodriguez. My comp had never been to the Centro so we went to all the places that I've sent pics of before. We also went to Tepito. That's always fun. We ate sushi (I think the first time in my mission) and it was super good. (see pics) haha. And ya it was a good day. 

Sounds like your week was great, hope Nixon had a great birthday. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mom tomorrow! I sent you off a letter today, but don't think it will quite get there in time, whoops. But oh well love you tons and hope you have a super awesome day. Dad, I also sent you a letter, so be looking for that :) 

Well love you all, the gospel is true, have a great week!
Love Elder Elgan