Monday, February 10, 2014

Catholics, Drunk Bishops, and A Broken Piano Bench

Goodbye to Elder Rodriguez

A pic of the pic they gave us at the Visitors Center

Mexico City Temple
Yermo, Aide and their children, Elder Elgan

Well hello again!

We had another great week here in sweaty Mexico. It was transfer week but nothing changed for us, but Elder Rodriguez did change to a different zone, but is still pretty close. haha We took them to the changes meeting because they had to take 2 taxis with all their suitcases and said goodbye. Many good times with that kid. haha It was also Elder Bocanegra's birthday on Tuesday which was good, we celebrated with the Elda's that night and they made us tacos dorados and twinkies haha. 

This last Wednesday was an awesome day. We met every single one of our key indicator goals. (Josh can explain more what that means) I am really noting a lot more success here lately. Also it is really just so obvious that everybody here has their time, and they are ready when the Lord has prepared them. We have a less active in our ward whose daughter is not a member and she never wanted to listen to us or participate in the lessons with her mom, but this last time she joined us and she agreed to baptism. Also we had an interesting experience with a drunk we found in the street. He called us over and I was a little hesitant at first but we went and he said I'm a Mormon. Come to find out he was ex bishop of a ward in this stake, ex branch president in Oaxaca, served a mission in Chihuahua, and was sealed in the temple. I couldn't believe it. He was crying crying and said he was in apostasy. He lost his family and is now living in a crappy car on the side of the road. So sad. It really shows that anybody can fall, and makes the importance of the atonement come alive in the lives of every person. 

We received a reference from the visitors center this week, a lady named Aide. Her husband is a member and he took her to the VC. In the first visit she told us that she already knows the Book of Mormon is true, wants to be baptized, wants to be sealed in the temple and raise her family in the gospel. Um ya another person who has definitely been prepared by the Lord. We took her to the visitors center again on Saturday and we are gonna baptize her 9 march. She even said we when we invited the date that its perfect to her because the month of March is super special to her, and she found our she was pregnant with one of her kids the 9th of march. Coincidence? I think not. haha

The other investigators are doing really well as well. Royed is funny. He said he has lost all his faith and has to read the whole bible over again. I'm guessing just because what we are teaching him is so different than what he thought for his whole life was the truth. Our message is changing his perspective which is good I guess but still is progressing very slowly. Tera will be baptized in 2 weeks. She told us that she has already noted the difference this gospel has made in her life. So things have been going really good. It seems like in my first months here there was not enough things to do to fill the day, but now its like we don't have enough time in the day to do all the things we need to do! We taught 27 lessons this week which is pretty good for us, but still a lot of work to reach the 40-60 that is expected of us. ahhh we'll get there . . one day :)

There are just so many Catholics here. And everyone we teach has different perspectives and views about their church. They are all so confused and they don't even know it. Usually it is pretty easy to convert the catholics though bc once they realize how many errors and sins there are within the walls of their own church they embrace the true Church of Jesus Christ. USUALLY. 

The food this week-there was good, and there was bad. We ate some nasty deep fried ham rolls that just tasted like a soggy tongue. But we also ate some really good guisado (kinda just a meat and veggie stew but better) with melon and ice cream for dessert. I think yes. 

This Sunday was really good, Elder Bocanegra and I performed in Sacrament meeting. I played the Army of Helaman song that I played at Josh's farewell and E. Boca sang to it. It turned out really good. All of the members said we have to do that every week now bc it is so much better than a middle hymn. But when I went up and sat on the piano bench, it totally busted under my fat butt. hahaha. So I had to sit in a normal chair to support all my rolls :) whoops It really added to the reverence of the sacrament meeting. ha

It is really awesome here. We are laughing, having fun, and seeing miracles. It is REALLY hard but hey its better to go out and experience the hard things than sit there and not ever know what those hard things can do for you. That's your Elder Elgan wisdom of the week. 

Today was a good day, we cleaned the house, went to Walmart, ate at Panda Express, literally saw half of the missionaries there. Met up with Elder Rodriguez haha and got a haircut. That's just about all the highlights. 

Sounds like fun back home. Mom don't get too lonely while dad is traveling the world. So what is this new hair business?? I'm scared. I liked your dark extended hair. Send me a pic right now. haha. Are you my mother?? haha 

Well I hope you all have a great week, I love you all and think of you everyday. 

Elder Elgan

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