Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, cómo me encanta este precioso ciudad (Oh, how I love this beautiful city!)

CPR training 
Elder Bernal just got a wee bit too close to my face, haha!

Goodbye District Morelos. Wooo!

V-day Package

The pizza party for E. Rodriguez at Vips Restaurant today

Hello Dearest Family,

Well another week has gone by here in the lovely Carrera, its starting to warm up quite a bit and come out of winter which I'm not loving too much. haha. April and May are the hottest months here then the rains start in June. Wooh. It was the last week of the transfer. But I will still be staying here with Bocanegra to finish his training and then I'm pretty sure I will leave in 6 weeks. I will have 7 months in the mission and still be in my first area. haha. Time to go. Our zone is going to change a lot, most are leaving (including Elder Rodriguez). We still have tons more coming into the mission. I think we are going to have 250 missionaries in our tiny mission. Too many! haha The next change I think there will be 4 elders here in Carrera. On Saturday our district leader and his companion went home bc they finished their mission. About time, they were soooo dead. Ha I will never die in the mission. Work until the last day! Our last district meeting was interesting, we learned CPR and emergency things so that was just great fun. Elder Bernal just got a wee bit too close to my face. haha. (hay fotos) 

This week we had a lot of lessons, was really good. My ZL even said wow when I told him my numbers Sunday night. yeah I know. We are working hard to achieve those new numbers, but there is still a ton of improvement to be made! Haha I don't think I will ever be settled with my numbers though. It kind of stresses me out though, lots of people have told me ok just calm down don't be stressed out because I don't like to waste any time and everyone always thinks I'm in a hurry. I'm trying to calm down, even today Elder Rodriguez said you need to have patience! haha. No, but its allll good. The work has been really good. Ofelia, Royed, Marlen, and their family all have baptismal dates for 2 March. Tera also has a baptismal date for the 26 I think of this month. She couldn't go to church yesterday and we visited her last night and she said I just had a bad feeling all day. . hmm I wonder why :) No she is progressing amazingly. We didn't have much luck knocking doors this week, one night we started and after 6 doors in the face I was like umm no. Not right now. haha. I don't like knocking I feel like I'm salesman and I hate it. We found some new investigators this week. . one day Elder Bocanegra had to go to the bakery (triste gordito) and while there this family came up to us and said could you come by and share a message with us? I said um yes the baptismal font is right over there lets go! haha. 

The Spanish is coming along really great. Lots of peeps have told me that I'm fluent and some that I don't even have an accent but I know they are lying. It takes so much time to learn a language! ahh! But I am pretty comfortable with Spanish now, and I am getting pretty good at understanding the scriptures, which is the hardest part. haha. I really see my progress when I talk to some of the new missionaries who just got here, because they make me cringe which is a good sign. haha

So I got the package! Yay! Loved it, definitely a lot of love in that box. Haha,  Loved all the valentines from everybody. And all the candy. mmmm I think yes. I'm fat though. Next package p90x? I think so. Haha, jkjk. I ran into an old missionary from the zone. He said Elder Elgan! Then patted my stomach like I was fat. I was like you shut your mouth! haha I am the same! He said no. Ahhh I don't care. I wish I could run. . so bad. No haha I am a little fatter but not really that much. Loved the movies only one problem, the Other side of heaven doesn't work here. It is in a format that only works in the US and Canada and not with Mexican players. sad. Also all the music is in a iMac format that wont play on the speakers here. But it is all good and Elder Bocanegra is literally a computer genius and is changing all the formats and what not for me. Also I think the USB is too advanced for the speakers here. haha but its all good we are figuring it all out. Loved all the pics! Liked to see the wedding that was cool. Sadie looks like she is about 9 years old in some of those pics and Nixon looks a ton older too. I barley recognize Ellie in her 2 birthday pic at the house. Haha,  Max looks the same :) Speaking of is the new baby going to be Lincoln?? 

This week was slightly different which was nice. Friday we between weekly planning, meetings with our ward missionaries and a pizza party with some of Rodriguez's members to say goodbye we only had 3 hours to work. Sunday was all right, but we didn't have any investigators in church which made me sad. I got an awwwful headache in church, cuz of fasting. Dang fasting. Hardest commandment for me. I'm serious. haha. Today was really good as well. Tomorrow is Elder Bocanegras birthday. (my kid is older than me). So today We went and ate at a restaurant called Vips and bought oreo cheesecake and ate it while watching the Joseph Smith movie. haha Tomorrow we have a party with the Eldas planned. Woo!

Well sounds like you guys had another good week, of course your doing all the car shopping when I leave. haha. SO from the email sounds like the decision is a LFA? I would probably be pretty ok with that. Hope you all have a great week. I love you all soo much!

Elder Elgan

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