Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy July!

Dearest Everybody,

This week was awesome! Can't believe how fast the time is going by and it makes me sad because the mission just keeps getting better and better. The church services on Sunday were just about as good as it gets. It was our last fast and testimony meeting in the mission and that was crazy. We both shared our testimonies and it was very spiritual and awesome to feel and share the testimony that I have received during my mission. Many members told us that we radiated the spirit in our testimonies and that feels great because as a missionary that means you're doing things right. So that was awesome. Even the bishop told us that hopefully he will have another companionship like us after we leave in a few weeks. That made us happy knowing that we are being the companionship that since the beginning of our missions we have wanted to be.

But the BEST part of Sunday was Katya's baptism. She was super nervous but everything went great. The service was super spiritual. Our ward mission leader asked both of us to share a mission experience during the service and neither one of us could keep back  the tears. Katyas testimony was awesome as well saying that she felt something so special after being baptized. But the BEST part of Katyas baptism was her mom. Her mom Martha is also our investigator and has been so difficult. She is a lawyer and has tons of knowledge about the Bible and the religions. She always has SO many questions and wants to see the evidence of everything we say and is not at all easy to convince. She was studied and read a ton and has been praying to receive an answer if this is true but hadn't received anything. . until the baptism. After the baptism she came up to us crying that for so long she has been searching for the answer and when she saw her daughter get baptized, she received it. Ahh it was such a powerful moment when she said that. She even told us Thanks for bring the truth to my family. It was awesome. 

Everything else is going great here in our area. This week we will have Joselyn and Alejandras baptism which will be great, we are excited. We are still hoping to reach our goal of baptizing every week of our last transfer and things are looking good so keep praying for us. . we need it :) 

This week we did divisions with our Zls and another companionship in our district and this week will be our last few divisions of the mission which is sad :( Today we had a zone activity. We played ping pong (I was the champ of course), a very Mexican version of baseball and a blindfolded companionship churro eating contest. Elder Rodriguez and I won of course but Elder R threw up afterwards. . haha. 

So ya that's about it! Everything sounds great at home, hope y'all had a great 4 of July mine was rainy as it has been EVERY day this week. Well love you all and I'll hear from you next week!

Love Elder Elgan 

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