Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buenos Tardes!

Hola familia, 

It has been another great, busy, fast week. I cant believe the CCM experience is almost over. So I did get my travel plans, we leave pretty early on Monday morning around 6ish I believe. I will double check and email you again for sure. So the call will be pretty early, probably in the 5:00 hour. The bad news is that Elder Farnsworth never got his visa so he has to stay at the MTC another week, and then wait for either his visa or a reassignment. So I have to leave my companion, which sucks. I'm gonna miss that little kid. Haha. We fly through Dallas so I could also call on the layover, we have a 2 hour one. Let me know what you guys think.

This week has been really good, learning tons. I have really grown to love our teachers here. All the teachers here have to be students at BYU and RM's. So all our teachers are like 24 and they are all awesome. The Spanish is sure coming along, but the testimony is growing much faster, which is awesome. It really is going to be sad to leave here even though I am so sick of it, because it is just such a great place for spiritual growth. It is finally hitting me that I am going to Mexico. I feel like I have been stuck in the CCM (we say the concentration camp for missionaries) forever. I forget there is still a real world going on out there. But I am so excited to leave! We have committed both our "investigators" to baptism so that's exciting. Haha, now I want to teach real investigators! 

Mother, I got the package, and loved it! It was perfect, everything I could have wanted right now. Gracias. 

Sounds like the wedding planning is coming along great! Loved the pic! Good luck with the shower. 

It is definitely getting cold here as well, makes me kind of glad I am going to a warm mission.

So yes I did get an MTC haircut, and it turned out pretty good, much better than others. Other than the high arches over the ears. But whatever.

We had another great devotional last night, where Elder Clarke from the 70 talked to us about the importance of obedience, opening your mouth and talking to everybody, and how our families are going to be immensely blessed if we are obedient missionaries. I really loved it, it hit me hard, and I hope you guys are seeing blessings in your lives. 

I didn't write down everything I need to say this week, so I can't remember much else, but mother I'm sure your just waiting for this email to come in so ask me anything I forget. Thanks everyone for the dear elders, I am sure going to miss them once I am in Mexico. 

I guess I will talk to you guys on Monday, and the next email will come from MEXICO! Love you all

Love, Elder Elgan

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