Wednesday, September 4, 2013

week 2

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Hey guys!

Well another week has gone by, and it seems like I was just emailing you guys yesterday. Times flies. It has been a really great week though! Lots of Spanish and studying. Something cool i found out is that we are the very first district of missionaries (at least in Spanish that is) to be communicating with members around the world through skype and facebook. They call is the pilot district-we are testing it all out. It is pretty cool, we have had a lot of conversations with members mainly from our teachers missions, through their facebooks. We also skype them which is also kind of fun but at times it is a little awkward. We have now taught 3 different mock investigators a number of lessons, and are starting a new one tomorrow. 

I loving getting all of your dear elder letters they make the night just great! haha I got your package, I think the day of, if not the morning after you sent it. Gracias! it is much appreciated. I decided i can probably live without you sending me my sanuks though... but yes i meant the ones with the laces. I will let you know if i change my mind, and no i dont need my prana shorts but thanks!

So i guess i didnt give too many details about the MTC itself. So there is the main campus, which is pretty much just a mini college campus, and the west campus, which is pretty new. The west campus is the one where missionaries live in the old student housing. Apparently the west campus is awful, missionaries do not want to be at that campus, but we never see them. The main campus is just a bunch of Dorm buildings, classroom buildings, and other amenity buildings. In my room there is me, elder farnsworth, elder dansie, and elder berg. The other 4 in our district are in the room next to us. We have our classroom as well that we are always in, it is basically just our districts room, so that is where we do all the studying, have our lessons, and we just leave everything there. Our teacher has been Hermana Luna, but just this week BYU is starting and her schedule conflicted with teaching us so we have to get a new one. We are all pretty bummed because we all love Herman Luna, she was way cool. 

Um we had another devotional last night and Elder Evans of the seventy talked to us. It was really good, not as good as Elder Andersen but still really good. 

So i have been learning a little bit more about Mexico City, we have talked to some people that have been there. Apparently they dont really street contact or knock doors there now, because they find it a lot more effective to work with members and less actives instead which i thought was interesting. Within the next few weeks i will probably be flying down to Las Vegas to get my visa. Most mexico missionaries have to but some only have to go to SLC so we will have to see how that goes. 

Sounds like a lot of eventful things have been happening back at home. Thats crazy that Josh and Kayla are engaged! Even though they pretty much already have been for the last little while. haha Mother, sorry to hear about your toe, gotta watch out for those logs, haha but im sure Ellie appreciated the effort. An office remodel sounds like fun, that will be nice to have-don't pick anything too ugly :) haha jkjk 

Good luck with Lotoja Father and Joshua! I'm sure you guys are gonna do awesome- you always do. You will have to let me know how that turns out. 

I dont have any very exciting pictures at the MTC, but I will send one or two a little later, because I forgot my camera right now but i will go back and get it and send some. 

But overall i have been having an amazing time! It is cool to be in so many experiences each day in which you can feel the spirit so strong. The blessings of serving a mission are definitely real! I don't know if you guys have noticed any but i sure have for me. The gift of tongues is defintiely real, it is a pretty cool thing to be teaching somebody in a language you hardly know, and just have the words you want to say come to you. However i really just want to teach a lesson in english so bad. haha I envy the english speaking missionaries right now-they have it easy. haha It is very frustrating to know exactly what you want to say, but not being able to say it. But it will come if you have faith, and i know that. 

Well if you guys have any more questions, ask i cant think of any more to say but i'm sure there is. Just dear elder me and i can hand write letters back this week most likely.

I love and miss you all,

Elder Elgan

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