Monday, October 14, 2013

Living a Minority Life 

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Some of the streets I walk every day

A random street

Nacho Libre style bike, they are everywhere. Wish they were motorized. Haha!

Hello Everybody!

Well another week has come and gone here in Mexico, man they sure go fast. I CANT BELIEVE Josh and Kayla are married! crazy! CONGRATS! Now all that’s left is the little runt Ben. Loved all the pictures. Everything looked amazing! Loved the fall theme colors and everything. The cardboard cutout was hilarious, glad I could be there. Max and Nixon’s outfits are probably the best things I have ever seen. Glad to hear everything went as planned. 

Happy Birthday Nichole!!! Love you tonnnsss!!

Everything still goes great here. Just the same long, hot, tired days. haha The nights get pretty chilly which is nice. Honestly most of our lessons are with less active members. There are SO many of them here cuz they all get baptized so fast. Sometimes it frustrating how little they know and have been baptized, like this one lady couldn’t even name one of the 10 commandments and she was baptized last year. ahhh. We do have a few investigators but it sure wouldn’t hurt to find a lot more, but the only way we find new ones is through member references. 

So. . yesterday I had my first baptism! It was so cool. His name is Arturo Vivanco Gaytan. He is a pretty funny dude. We didn’t think we were going to be able to because he didn’t attend church yesterday because we couldn’t find him. weird. But, we got permission at the last second, and scrambled together a baptismal service. I had to memorize the prayer in Spanish in like one minute and was afraid I was gonna forget, but I didn’t. haha. But ya a super cool experience!

The food here is great! However, there is a lot of orange and red food and a lot of white shirts. haha. Thank the heavens for tide to go. We eat with the members once a day at 2 o clock. They feed us a ton. It is usually super spicy something. haha I’ve never had my mouth hurt like this before. But I love it! I didn’t have anything super great or very bad this last week, which I guess is good and bad.haha. However, there is a churro stand  outside our house that is pretty darn amazing. 

It rains here about every evening around 7 o clock. I love it when it does, because it cools off and feels much better. 

Church for the first time yesterday was good, there is a church in our area but for some reason we get to go clear over who knows where for our church building at 8. Not gonna lie, the Mexicans are pretty bad singers. haha I guess I was expecting singing like the members in Tonga, but ah it is hard not to cringe during the hymns. There is only one girl who can play piano in the ward, and she’s not the best. haha. I will see if I can help her out in the weeks to come. We had to teach the gospel principle class, and by we I mean Elder Hernandez, it went good. The ward is pretty small and lest the active members. We had the whole ward on a bus back to Carrera. 

So if you go on google earth and type in Martin Carrera, Mexico City that is my area. I don’t know the address of our house, but it is on the main road that runs east to west in the middle of town. We are kind of on the east sideish, right by a store called Farmacia de Dios. [pharmacy of God[ I obviously don’t know how to use a spanish keyboard, they are very different. haha. But it has two white doors, and on street view of google earth it has orange paint stuff on it. We were on google earth with Arturo the other day. haha. 

Today I got Kayla’s dear elder. I don’t know when she sent it but it was when I was still in the MTC. So it will take me a while to get them, but you can still write them. Mother tell Stacie Gomm and Deanne Chambers thanks so much for the letters they sent me!

Well our family is gonna be all over the world this week! haha love it. Josh and Kayla have so much fun in Punta Cana! I have only heard amazing things about it. Mom and Dad have fun in England! I guess Mom you will be going on all of Dads trips with him? haha. And Britt and Trevor have fun in Cambodia! That is crazy. I want to go there someday, that is going to be such an AWESOME experience. And I’ll just be here in Mexico sweating, walking, working, eating tacos, and having the time of my life! haha

Well I loved hearing from you all, love you all tons, and I will talk to you next week! I will try to send some pics now. 

Love Elder Elgan

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