Monday, October 28, 2013

The Spirit, Amazing Tacos, and Sweaty White Shirts

Hello everybody!

Another week has passed by, and the weeks continually get a little better. It was good to see your pics from England Mom and Dad, looked like an awesome time! I wanna hear more about Cambodia, and PCDR though! The beginning of this last week was so cold and rainy. I was freezing for the better part of 3 or 4 days, not exactly what I was expecting but now it has warmed back up and it is back to being hot all the time.

I am starting to teach a lot more, as I am becoming more comfortable with Spanish. My main struggle so far has been understanding, now I am doing a lot better, and speaking is becoming my difficulty now, so I am going to have to focus on that. I would say the only lesson I have mastered in Spanish is the word of wisdom, I don't know why but I love teaching it and pounding it into people, so far I haven't had 1 person who has been having problems with the W.O.W  say that they wouldn't be able to promise to live it after my lessons. haha good stuff.

I really appreciate the members here so much, especially the ones who feed us. haha. The other night we were at the Hermana Eldas and it was probably  8ish and she went out and bought us each probably 15 tacos but by the time she got back we had to leave because we have to be in house by 9. So we went over the next morning and ate them all and they were just so dang good. And they gave me chocolate milk and I was like oh yeah. We ate with Hermana Concepcion this week again which is the hermana who gave us the awful cow tongue and stomach soup last time so I was deathly afraid walking up the stairs to her house, but she fed us potato pancakes, beans, and rice. Much better. Another member named Maria de la Luz has a food stand thing on the street that I think I have talked about before that we occasionally eat at that is just amazing. I love her pie de limon which is like a cookie pie thing that tastes like lime, I don't really know how to explain it but it so so good. Overall I am still loving the food. oh except for one experience this last week we had lunch with an hermana that was really good, but the dessert, or lack thereof. It was Jicama. It tastes basically like a raw sour potatoe in vinegar. I had a whole bowl in front of me. SO painful to get through, I don't understand how any person could enjoy that. haha.

So I went on divisions again last Friday and Saturday. I went with one of our zone leaders, who is Mexican. He actually made me breakfast in the morning and I was like, OH this is what its like to have a companion serve you. haha. No he was really cool and we had a good time. We walked an extra ton because he is new to his area and didn't really know where to go so we had a lot of back tracking and walking all over the hills. We brought with us for Saturday a little 10 year old named William who is preparing for a mission so that was cool.

So late Saturday night Elder Hernandez told me, oh I forgot to tell you, we are speaking tomorrow in sacrament. I was like, thanks for always being on top of things! haha jk no. So I quickly prepared a talk but turns out only Elder Hernandez was speaking when we got there, that kid. . . sometimes. . haha no its all good.

I had some interesting stories from Sunday. We were walking down the street when we stopped to talk to a recent convert, Evan, who is awesome. He used to be a pretty big gangster, not such a good guy. Some of his hold buddies still hang out in front of his house. An extremely drunk and high guy came up and started talking to me in English. He was from Miami and came to Mexico to escape the law for the 4 people and the police officer he has killed. He went off on how our beliefs are wrong, but then started talking about how he wanted Gods forgiveness, I told him that he could eventually receive it if that is what he desired, but didn't put too much effort cuz he was so drunk and it wouldn't matter what I said. But he really liked me, but NOT Elder Hernandez, he said all sorts of colorful language to him when he told him that we needed to go, but he said I was his friend and wanted to talk to me more. Good stuff. We were also walking through a apartment complex when I had the feeling to knock on this door, at first I didn't cuz I thought I was just physicing myself out but after we walked by again the thought came into my head to have the courage to do what the spirit tells you to do, so I told Elder H. that I think we should, and a lady answered and her family was over but she wants to talk to us another time, so I really hope that leads somewhere!

Today was a really good day, we had a zone activity. We went to the church and had a little devotional then we played some dorky scripture chase games. Every round whoever lost got a plateful of this nasty foam in the face and a balloon of flour popped over them from whoever beat them. It was kind of fun but I got so dirty and sticky. We then played futbol. I really like playing here with them, mainly because I like being better than the Mexicans who think they are so good. haha no jk. Which reminds me all the Mexicans call me El Ganador, which means the winner or champion, but mainly because it is the only way they can say my name right. haha. EL GANador, pronounced a little differently in Spanish, that makes a different sound. Then some members came over and fed us carne asada. Super good, once again the members save my day. haha.

I get a little frustrated with the ward because we really can't do missionary work without the members help, especially here where we cant tract. But the members don't do too much good except for food. haha. I don't think they have ward council, and our ward mission leader isn't super interested in the work. I am really going to try to get this ward on track, without making it sound like I am trying to tell them how to do their job, which is what I am afraid I am going to make it sound like. But we have a good ward, Elder H. says Martin Carrera is one of the hardest areas in the mission to get new investigators, so it is good practice for me. We probably only had 25ish people come to church on Sunday which was disappointing, but we will try to get more there next week.

Daylight savings was nice, the extra hour of sleep was much needed, expect it is so dark so early now, which I don't love.

The week top 5,
1. Tacos and choc milk with the Eldas
2. The Zone activity today
3. food from Maria de la Luz
4. Sleeping in Elder Pauchars bed, on divisions, which was just so much better than mine, I'm pretty sure mine is the worst in the mission. haha
5. Lunch with Sarahi., she is a inactive exmissionary. One of her companions from Costa Rica was visiting so we had a really good lunch of enchiladas and ice cream and we talked for a while and had a good time.

Bottom 3,
1. Hermana Wendy´s Jicama
2. Finding out Arturo smokes cigars. . . ahhhahhhhhkjdfñlakjdsfñl, if only I would have taught him WOW instead of Elder H. in the past hahahah
3. Watching the drunk guy go off on Elder Hernandez

Ok, Mother, the package. I have been having a dire craving for special K bars, so if that is at all possible that would just be amazing. haha. um peanut m&ms, cookies like chips ahoy or famous amos or wedding or anything like that, just anything from the candy, chips, cookie, granola bar isles that you know that I like. Nutella like you know, sorry if I am not super specific, I really cant think right now. oh maybe some Mios, the Nalgene bottle with a wide screw off top,  chocolate, that stuff from England sounds AMAZING, tootsie rolls, ahh cant think.

And yes just send it to the mission home, maybe ask Elder Blotters mom if she has sent a package? The mission home does receive lots of packages I have seen in the office though, so that's a good sign.

I didn't have the chance to take any pics this week, but I will try to next week, with Me in them. haha.

Grandma, I hope you get feeling better, you are in my prayers.

Well I love all you guys so much! I will talk to you next week!

Love, Elder Elgan

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