Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Here is pics from our New Years party today!

Here is our sleepover with Elder Rodriguez, and the present I gave him

My newly decorated desk with all the pics from the package. Haha

 Here is my Christmas morning presents, and breakfast

Hello everybody!

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas! Loved all the pics Mom! Looks like you guys all had a good time. It was awesome to call on Christmas! Lots of fun, it sucked to be over though. haha Loved all the Christmas eve outfits haha I hope Nichole won the sweater contest haha. My Christmas was really good though, but I am glad its over and done with. haha. My whole goal so far in the mission was just to get to the new year and I'm almost there! ahh. . I cant believe 2013 is over, definitely the best year of my life. Ha I remember last new years eve when I had the flu and I was down in my room while everyone else was up partying, and I remember thinking well this year is gonna suck if this is how it starts! haha but it was awesome, I will always remember it. Lived in 2 countries, visited 4 others, graduated, started the mission, ya it was pretty good. It is weird thinking every bit of 2014 will be in Mexico.

So as far as Christmas day goes, we woke up and I opened all my presents while I ate my breakfast of papaya and watermelon. LOVED all the presents from you guys! Thanks so much! I'm set! haha Brandi, loved the game, dang good idea, gives me a good little stress reliever and settles my withdrawals from playing games with you guys. haha. But that was all I really did until 2 then we went to the Eldas and ate lunch then called you guys!  Elder Bocanegra had a lot more difficulties but I think it was because he was trying to Skype like 10 different people at the same time in a bunch of different countries so we had to go back the next day to finish his call. That night Elder Rodriguez came and we had a Christmas sleepover because his companion went and spent the night in the hospital with our zone leader who is really sick. So that was fun! haha. But Christmas and new year is not a good thing for the mission. It was such a rough week for many reasons but mainly because we had zero success. Everybody leaves and those who stay don't want to talk with the missionaries! And I locked the keys in the house 2 times. haha. I imagine this week will be similar with new years, we get to be in house nice and early both days I believe. yay. Today we spent the day with Elder Rodriguez and the Elders of Centenario in his area. We had a new years party and ate pizza and cake, then went for tacos, Walmart, and had a good time. haha. (see pics)

Everything is going really good with Elder Bocanegra, I really like him a lot. He actually has a sense of humor.  haha. I am getting better at understanding him, and teaching him a lot of English, he is learning fast. I still teach most of the lessons, but the parts he teaches, he teaches really good. (not too hard when you actually speak the language, I don't feel bad ha).

Church was a bit rough as well, lots of people were gone, and we only had 25 people there. Me and Elder Bocanegra taught the 3rd hour combined class about the 2nd coming. The piano lady was gone too so I had to play all the hymns, lucky I knew them all.

The day after Christmas we went to Ivan's and they made us Pazole. Probably one of my favorite dishes here. It is a corn soup/broth thing with shredded chicken then you put in salsa, onion, lettuce, cheese (the good creamy crumbly white stuff), and eat with with tostadas and cream. Super good.

SO um Nichole, this is for you. I have already set up a marriage for you with Elder Rodriguez. Its official and there is nothing you can do about it. :) Hes on board. haha He is so funny, he speaks English, and is coming to BYU for school. He has houses in Ixtapa, Mexico City, Cancun, and Central Park NYC. He has already traveled all over the world, and is gonna be a super successful businessman. So um ya he will be sending the ring in the mail. hahaha.

Oh so today we were in a mall and I saw a scale in the GNC store and I weighed myself and I have gained 10 pounds. Its not good. haha

So, Mother for the valentines package. . umm. . You can put Joshua in charge of this but I want music, on just a usb stick. I have a speaker. I want good church music, not just hymns, like piano guys, and the kind of music they have on Also church movies that I can watch! Like the Otherside of Heaven, Legacy, those things. Also Pens. (Pilot G-2 05 in black and blue). And pics! Like from Christmas and things. Maybe you could send a mini photo album or a binder with sleeves or something with them :) Umm. . But that is all my requests.  I like surprises :)

Well I believe that is all I have to say, I hope you all have a happy new year I will be thinking of you and I will probably just be eating my feelings away with my Christmas chocolate sitting in my hard metal chair watching some church movie :)

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Elgan

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