Monday, January 6, 2014

And a Happy New Year to You!

These are the cupcakes that Elder Rodriguez had made for us for Elder Sumano's birthday. (Sumano means your hand so that's why his is a hand)

Pics from bowling today

Me and Elder Bocanegra at Chili's

 And, my chicken enchilada pasta. Oh so good. 
It was SUPER expensive though, oh well I'm over it

Hello Hello!

Well the new year is officially here, and now I can say: I come home next year! haha. The party at the house looked like a ton of fun! Loved the pics. Meanwhile, I had the worst week of the mission so far. haha jk It wasn't that bad just bad success-wise. I am so happy the holidays are over just so everything can go back to normal. My new years eve was good, we actually got to go to Elder Rodriguez's area to eat with his members because we didn't have anyone in my area. We ate a really good dinner with them, and were really late back to the house. (9:45) So late that we couldn't go back to Elder Rodriguez house to get our things and the members drove us back and we had to pound on the door to get in because my keys were with my stuff at his house. But then after that we just went to bed. Super Exciting night I had. haha. New years day first thing we went back to Elder Rodriguez's to get our stuff and we ended up studying with them all morning. The studies were awesome, its a lot better to have other people to practice teaching with. But new years eve and day we had zero success. We walked and knocked and walked and knocked alllll day. At one point I just sat down on the curb and was just like WHY is this so difficult? I would think the Lord would want to give his missionaries success? I was frustrated. It is just hard! But its worth it. . .

The week got a little better as it went on, but not much. One morning a Jehovah's witness knocked on our door and gave us pamphlets and said he would return to talk to us and I said well of course you can. . that will be fun :) I like proving people wrong. muhaha. Saturday we were supposed to get up at 5 to go workout with Ivan, but it was SO cold in the morning and I had a headache so I didn't get up. We will try again this week. haha. Saturday was the most successful day of the week we had lessons with Juan Carlos (probably our most progressing investigator), Rubi (a menos activo), and Ofelia & Royed. I loved teaching Ofelia and Royed, they are always such great lessons. They have so many concerns and we have worked through them all except that Joseph Smith and the first vision. Royed quotes the bible scripture that says that nobody has seen the father. Well. . I have found a whole load of scriptures yesterday that will beat that doubt into the dust. This last lesson with them was really powerful. Its amazing when you really just focus on the people, and not what you are going to say, the words just come.

This Sunday was good, but the fast was rough. haha but we started it off right Sat afternoon with tacos al pastor, and lavenderias con papas. (corn dogs with cheese, and fries). We didn't have to talk or teach this Sunday for I think the first time so it was pretty chill. The 12 o'clock time is definitely better for the mission. After church was pretty hectic though. We had 4 appointments back to back, I just about left my phone in the taxi, and we had to eat with Alicia who lives clear out of our area. Every one of our appointments fell through. surprise surprise. Our last appointment was with the mom of a member, so we went with the member and the mom wasn't there yet so we waited and waited and waited, ate some pan dulce and hot cocoa, and I got permission from Pres. to be out later to teach her but she never showed. She said she was in Walmart, and the Walmarts here are absolutely crazy here, especially this time of year.

So today is El Dia de Los Reyes (day of the kings) Today is a Mexican holiday mainly for the kids where Santa comes. Except its not Santa it is the 3 kings, which comes from the 3 wise men. The kids write their list and put it in a balloon and release it into the sky. Then the Reyes come and bring their presents.

Today was a really good but crazy day. We went into Buenavista. So we got up early to get some things done, then met up with Elder Rodriguez, Areanas, Wagner, and Jordan and took the metro (subway) into Bueanavista. We met with some other Elders from a different zone and went bowling. Then it was one of the Elders birthday (one of Rodriguez's friends) so we went and ate at Chili's. AND I bought myself a present. A pull up bar! Yay. Mother I used my credit card so watch for that and pay for it out of my account or whatever. It was $650 pesos. (like 50 bucks). I also bought a pretty sick tie. But not with the card. Then we went to Walmart in Buenaavista and bought some stuff. Ya you think Walmart or Maceys in Logan is crazy at holiday time, try going to one in Mexico City where 3 million people share the same Walmart. Its insane! Every time we have gone it is a zoo and at least 30 minutes in the check out line.

So father looking at cars are you, DON'T LET ME DOWN! :) And be sure to sign me up for my motor trends at the show. Hope everything goes well with your work changes, and you still get to go to cool places. (That's the important part ;)

Well hope all is well, love you all, and happy new year!

Elder Elgan

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