Monday, December 2, 2013

Feliz Diciembre!

Hello Hello!

So now the REAL thanksgiving week has come and gone, its officially December, and it sure doesn't feel like it. haha. I just pretended like Thanksgiving was actually last week and didn't even really think about it this week. SO. . I got the package!! I didn't actually get it until yesterday but I think it was at the offices early last week, I just never had the time to go get it! But THANKS so much! Loved it! It was pretty beat up by the time I got it, but it hadn't been opened and I think everything was there :) Loved Josh and Kayla's wedding invitation!  Elder Hernandez thought Kayla was Mexican. haha he kept asking: Shes really not Mexican? Are her parents? hahaha. CANT BELIEVE the pics of Josh and Kayla's house. It looks amazing! Brand New!! Lucky ducks. The pics of the honeymoon also looked amazing, Joshua how in the heck did you miss your flight by a day!! After all that planning! haha. So did you have to buy a new departure flight?
 Thanksgiving looked like fun, I miss just relaxing and chillin like that. HAPPY late BIRTHDAY to ELLIE! Loved the cake, nice work Britt. I was trying to figure out who's house you were in in the pic and I had forgot that you moved :) haha. Ellie already looks 1 year older, can't believe it. Mother, seriously the first time in 29 years to be home alone? Ah crazy, don't get too lonely :) Mother I also got your dear elder yesterday.

It was another really good week here. Went by fast, can't really remember it. haha. We did go to the visitors center one night though! It is so amazing! Really cool and pretty. It is gonna be such an awesome thing to take our investigators and members to. They have a whole section about families and the importance of them and what a amazing gift eternal familes is that I just loved. Best part. They also have an awesome kids room that I will send pics of.

So I had to put my big boy pants on this week when we did divisions again. This time Elder Welch came to MY area. So I had to lead everything, all the lessons, where to go, and it was really good. It is just a little taste of my future because all this week I found out that I am going to be training a noobie next transfers! (the 17). Can't believe I am going to start training the day I finish my training, a week earlier actually because of Christmas. It makes me a little nervous about my Spanish but I am excited about it. Elder Farnsworth is finally going to get here on the 17. So if the Gods and the Odds are in my favor, I will train him! haha. Ya keep dreaming Benhamin.

We had another COLD Sunday, don't know why all the Sundays seem to be so cold. But it is a really nice break from the heat. I was nervous about nobody coming because our ward bus didn't come by but we had the usual small crowd.

Today was a really good pday. This morning we had another practice for our play for the zone Christmas activity. Now I am the ward mission leader in one part, and the dad of a member family in the other. We got sisters in our zone, so I also have a wife in the play. Closest I´ll ever get to having a Mexican wife!! hahaha. And I also play the piano for our angels we have heard on high at the end. What they would do without El Gannador? I'm just not quite sure. hahah jkjk. We then went to Walmart, I tripped over a curb and fell flat on my face, don't worry I haven't changed a bit, and got an almost hole in one of my favorite pants. ahh not too happy about that,. Then we came back to Carrera, bought some more food, went to the lavanderia, got a haircut, basked in the glory of my package, and now I'm here in the little internet cafe, I don't know cafe might be too fancy a word for Mexico, more like hot, sweaty, internet room full of Mexicans and one guerro (me). We ate lunch at this sketchy little pig pot in the street. It is a big boiling pot of every part of a pig you could imagine. You say what part you want and they throw it into a taco. I think I had pig throat, not sure, but it was really good, but how could it not be when it is covered in cilantro, onions, salsa, and lime!

Everything is going really good with the work, teaching lots, when they are home that is. The Spanish is coming along really good, I really wanted to be fluent by Christmas . . but not sure. I'm getting there. I really do love teaching people though especially when it is changing their lives, which it almost always does. We have 2 possibilities for our bautizona on the 22nd, so hopefully they continue to work out.

I hope all is just swell with you guys, because it sure is here! Loved all the pics this week, and from hearing from you all, keep it up :)

Con MUCHO amor,
Elder Elgan

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