Monday, November 25, 2013

A Mexican Thanksgiving, oh wait that doesnt exist!

Hello Hello!

Well Thanksgiving week has come and gone, and it was a little sad to be gone for it, one of my favs, but it helped that they don't have Thanksgiving here and it sure doesn't feel like that time of year. Ha. I'm sure you guys had a great week, everyone seems to be super busy which is good.
Note: Elder Elgan wrote this after realizing that Thanksgiving is this week and not last week – “Oh I thought for sure it was last week, So did the whole mission, and least my zone. Oops.”
So my thanksgiving went a little bit like this. Studies, walking around in the sun, with no success because nobody likes to open their doors, until lunch. We went in to Centenario to the house of an hermana that lives over there. She fed us tortas de papa, which looks like a twinky made of potato with ham and cheese in it. Also soupa de pasta of course, beans, with some heavily limed lettuce and avocados. The best parts were the coke, and the chocolate cake with flan on top for dessert. Definitely not thanksgiving but I'll take it! It was good. Then after lunch we found a part member family, and put 3 bap. dates with 3 of the kids. It then started pouring and so we got absolutely soaked walking back for our umbrellas and jackets haha. But oh well its worth the fechas. We then found a new family to teach and got 3 new investigators! They sell desserts on the street, and they gave us the corn on the cob with the mayo, cheese, and chile on it like in nacho libre. So good! Loved it so much more that I thought I would. We finished off the night with the Eldas and of course they gave us gelatina (don't know why the Mexicans just love to make anything into a jello), Hot cocoa and cookies. It was a really good day, lots of success and good food.

Last Tuesday we did divisions again. I went with Elder Welch in his area of Morelos. He is just 1 transfer ahead of me so it was interesting having two new guerros (white boys). We managed to do just fine with our Spanish. Morelos is kinda a sketchy area I think. Ha we were walking down the street and a crazy started running at us with his arm out, not sure why and so we kind of starting walking fast and I was looking back at him and ran head first into this lamp post. Just bout knocked me out. haha no just kidding but my head hurt for a little while after. I forgot about the crazy after that I think he just turned around and left thinking I was more out of it than him. We also taught a new guy that contacted us on the street. During the lesson he told us he used to worship the devil, and drink blood and all sorts of joyous things. There are some creepy things that happen down here, haha but oh well.

So the other day I got talking to my new friend, The Churro Man. haha. We're pretty tight now. Found out that his wife is actually a member but inactive, and he lives a crappy life and wants to change. So we are starting to teach him and now he gives us free churros! Ah yes life is good. haha.

Sunday was good yesterday, it was one of those random cold days. I would guess in the 50s. But when its cold, nobody comes out, even for church. They are all flojos. (lazy butts) So we had about 30 people at church which wasn't the best, and none of our 7 investigators that I woke up at 5:30 to go and get answered their door. They need to protect themselves from the bitter 50s haha.Church always seems to go by so much faster here than it ever did at home. ha Oh well and they told us that for next month the bus that takes all the members to church can't do it for December because our numbers are too few so I will be surprised if anybody shows up to church.

Today was a good day, we woke up cleaned the house, and then went to a zone activity. We practiced a skit play thing we are doing for an activity for all our investigators and members in December. It is about the member and missionaries working together issue (M&M´s). I play the ward mission leader in the play and I also play the piano for our angels we have heard on high at the end. After Me, Eld Her., Our DL, and Elder Welch went over to their area, we bought some chickens from a rotisiree place, some tortillas, and jarittos and went to their house and watched the other side of heaven. I have been wanting to watch it ever since I got back from Tonga, and finally did! Love that movie, it makes me realize how easy my mission actually is. Makes me miss Tonga, the people mostly. The people here aren't quite as easy to love as they were, but oh well we will get there. haha.

The other day at lunch, the day after Thanksgiving the hermana was making a chocolate cake and frosting and it made me miss cooking so much. Ah is probably one of the things I miss most. Just cooking and baking good food, with real ingredients, I think when I come home I am just going to cook for a week haha

The visitor center opened last week so I am excited to go and take some members this week.

Sorry no pics this week, didn't take any. My zone leader went to the offices today and I haven't heard from them that the package is there yet. My DL gave me a letter that Stacie Gomm sent, but that was all.

Mother I will go back and answer your questions after I send this, don't remember them, in our chat. .

Love and Miss you All!
Elder Elgan

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