Monday, January 13, 2014

Hola! Hola!''

These pics are in the first post office in Mexico, really cool
That is my Napoleon Dynamite pose for y'all

Hello frozen Utah, 

Well this week was. . a bit different. I am writing from Elder Rodriguez's area and I don't have my notebook with everything that I wanted to say for the week so don't know how good this email will be, oh well. So Elder Jordan, Elder Rodriguez's companion, got really sick and was in the hospital all week. So we went back and forth helping him work in his area, Elder Bocanegra stayed at the hospital one night with him, and he has come to our area a lot. Then Saturday President called Elder Jordan and said you have one hour to be in the offices because we are sending you home. He also had a minor addiction to the drugs so that was another reason why he went home. So since then we have been in a trio with Rodriguez. It has made it really hard to focus on the work in our area, and our numbers weren't where I wanted but oh well. We still have no idea what is going to happen with Rodriguez, the Pres. hasn't told him anything. It has been pretty hard on him. So it will be interesting to see what happens. 

My area is going all right with my investigators, but we need more. We took two of our investigators, Ofelia and Royed, to the visitors center this week. It was interesting. I got scared when we were in the first room with the Christ statue, and I felt bad for the sister that gave the tour, because they just have sooo many doubts. They were going off about how the Christ is a graven image and it is a commandment not to have those, but we got it all figured out and it ended up actually being a really great experience for them. We also had a really good lesson with them, with Elder Rodriguez, and Ivan to help us, we taught their whole family, and got some new investigators, so that was really good. 

For Sunday, Elder R went to his area and went to church and worked with his mission leader. I was supposed to give a talk about retention and fellowshipping new members, but only Elder Bocanegra had to give one. 

But that is basically how my week went, back and forth from our area to his, helping him out, and we have had lots of sleepovers. haha Today was good, we went into the downtown of Mexico City, which is really cool. It is all very old European looking buildings and churches. But it is really nice, unlike my area. haha. I will send pics. Then we came back, went to Walmart, Sam's club, ate some tortas and now we are writing. 

Ahh I really wish I had more things to say, but I don't, hopefully my pics will make up for the crappy letter.

A cruise sounds amazing right now, lucky Britt and Trevor, hope you guys have fun with the girls this week. Mother, email me back the questions about the things I forgot :)

Love, Elder Elgan

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