Monday, January 27, 2014

Hola! Hola!

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Hola Hola!

Well it was another really great week here in the lovely DF. However after the last p day I did get pretty sick. I think it was from the 11 tacos. haha No but for a few days I had a really bad headache, fever, and my whole body hurt. The kind of sickness when you just want to plop yourself in the hot tub for a year, but no, I get to walk for 12 hours in the blazing sun. yay! Definitely some of the hardest days so far, but I wasn't gonna let it keep me from working. We worked really hard and the success we had was definitely worth the pain. All the greasy food doesn't help either, my stomach has been pretty uneasy all week, many rapid runs back to the house if you know what I mean. . haha. E. Rodríguez got a new companion this week so I didn't see him again until today which was good. haha He will be with him through the next transfer so that means he will most likely have 8 months in Centenario before he leaves his first area. haha rough.

So a lot of my problems from my last Sunday have been more or less resolved. We went and visited the Eldas last Sunday and shared a really great message with them. Hermana Elda fell up the stairs(maybe that's why I like her so much, just like me) and was kind of banged up. But they came to church yesterday and everything is gonna be good with them. Ofelia and Royed and their family are still really progressing, but still haven't recognized the answers to their prayers yet, YET. Our most progressing is Tera. She is going so well, she has a baptismal date for 16 of Feb. She never wanted the missionaries in the past, but she has really seen the positive influence of the gospel in the life of her daughter and wants to be baptized. Everybody has their time! I love teaching her plus they always give us pizza, or hot cocoa with bread and cookies after.

So this week we had interviews with our president that were really good! I really like our president a lot. Pres. Anaya for life. Area Mexico came out with a new plan for 2014 which is a whole lot more work for us. They said we need to have at least one baptism every week, 40-60 lessons mínimum every week, and like 15 new investigators every week. Ahhh with the way we are working right now, which is really hard, there is no way we can reach those numbers. I had a good chat with pres about it and he helped to realize how to accomplish it. AND we can knock doors now! We can't plan to do it, but if our appointments aren't there then we can knock doors. After the interviews Elder Bocanegra told me all the things Pres said about me to him. He said his trainer is amazing, and he said I am one of his best missionaries so he is lucky to have me as a trainer. Ya I know. ahh no jk. 

So we had our first attempts at knocking doors this week, and it went really well! The first 3 doors that we knocked, we put appointments to come back. We found about 8 new people to teach in only about an hour and half of knocking. So it went better than I thought. I don't love it though cuz I feel like a salesperson and I don't like that.

Church was really good yesterday but the attendance wasn't the best, only 40. Ah. This Ward before averaged an attendance of 100 until we changed churchs' and the church is much farther away, and most people really don't have the money to go. Its frustrating.

We had a really great family night this week with Ivan, Syra, Pamela and their family. We shared a message about the family. They are really working hard to enter the temple as soon as they can. We ate juevos rancheros after which I love. They are tostadas with beans on top, and a fried egg with lots of spicy salsa. mmm love them, make them!

Today was another really great pday. We dedicated about an hour and a half this morning to cleaning the house, and got it as clean as it can be, which is not saying much. haha. Then we headed to Hidalgo to find Elder Rodriguez and then we went to downtown Mexico City again. We walked around in Zocalo (look it up) for a while and ate at Burger King. Then we hopped on a doublé decker bus for a little city tour. haha. I really do love this city it is really cool. Definitely worth coming to one day. It was quite the adventure because the path was right along the edge of our missión so we had to get off early so we didn't leave it. But ya the city is all really new and modern, or really old and cool European architecture.

Well sounds like a good week you all had, I miss the cold. haha. January sure does go by a lot faster in the heat though. haha. Mother, yes I love the chats, keep them up. Psh who else am I gonna write. haha. jk. No but seriously I really like it.

Thats cool Regan is leaving for her missión. Lots of missionaries are going home early. I understand. I think a lot of people rush in to it fast and aren't ready yet. I have felt that way at times.

Next week is transfers, not this week. This transfer was 7 weeks because the last transfer was a week early for Christmas. I think I will stay in Carrera with Bocanegra. but you never know its very unpredictable at times. Crazy that only 2 more transfers and then I call home again! Seems pretty fast to me! haha.

I didn't go get the package today, but I'm sure it is in the office. Elder Rodríguez is going to the offices tomorrow and he will get it for me. So tomorrow! yay!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all so much!

Tengan un buenísimo semana!

Elder Elgan

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