Monday, May 12, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños a mi!

Hello everybody!

It was SO good to see you all and talk to you all yesterday! I enjoyed that call much more than the one on Christmas, I think every time it gets a little easier, but still hard to say goodbye. Everyone looks good, so good to meet baby Lincoln! Mother hope you had a super great mothers day, you deserve it. Good to see Josh, even though it was through the iPad haha. 3 of 5. woo.

So as of today am a big ol 19 year old. First bday away from home ;( But it was a good day, I'm glad it landed on a pday. So for my bday we got up early cleaned the house and went to Walmart, then headed to the lovely downtown. We went to the big Buenavista mall and shopped a little bit, met up with some friends and then ate in an Italian restaurant. It was super good! The restaurant sang to me and gave me a little cake thing. I will send pics. We spent most of the day there before coming back to the house and I opened all the presents from the package and had a little mini party. See more pics. Thanks to everyone for all the presents/cards I still haven't got to the cards, but I will tonight!

The week was really good, it had its ups and downs but so do all the weeks! It rained quite a bit, but its all good. We had a really good class with our zone on Wednesday that president ended up showing up to. I always love zone classes, they always inspire me to be so much better. Right after that we went out and started to work, found some new investigators, invited them to be baptized and they accepted! A very important part of this work is to find those that have been prepared by the Lord, and don't waste your time on those that haven't, until they have been. I wish everyday could be like that day, and with lots of faith and work, it can be done.

We had another earthquake this week. That day it was thunder storming, earthquaking, and God pouring his wrath on wicked Mexico. haha. That day one of our investigators was telling us about her creepy ghost stories and how the day before some spirit of some dead guy visited her and a bunch of creepy things, but don't worry she said she prayed to the virgin and it all went away. Some people just have it so right. ha

Everything is good with Elder Lopez, but he is a bit disobedient at times. But don't worry I planch him about it :)

We found some other really great investigators this week, a member introduced us to a family who wants to learn more, and I see baptisms in their near future. But seriously everyday has so many ups and downs, there are great moments where I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose and everythings going great , and not so great moments, when doubts, frustrations, and sadness enter my mind and I don't want to continue on. But somehow, it always seems to work out.

Sunday was great, other than the whole morning I was running running trying to get as many people in the church as possible and nobody went. That was a bad moment. Other than that we had Israels confirmation, good church services, and best of all the call home!

But thanks for all the birthday wishes, I love you all so much! I miss you all tons, but hey only 14 1/2 months left. 1 year will be here before we know it, then the second half will fly by. I hope you all have a super great week! Brandon, hope you get feeling better, you're  in my prayers. Loved all the pics of spring! Love the pic of the girls with Gpa.

Well that should just about do it, I'm out!
Love Elder Elgan, now just the average normal aged missionary. :D

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