Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Week

Elder Lopez

The Torta

And this is a pic of me and Lopez when we were soaked. you can't really tell though.

The ruins

and more ruins

 The first grass I have seen in Mexico!

 Us buddies in Zocalo

This was the USA booth. I bought a brownie. haha 

Hello Dearest Family,

Another week has flown by and it was a good one. I am kinda not in a very great mood right now due to a whole chain of events that just happened so who knows how good this letter will be. haha It was a good day but after we got back for our pday festivities they cut the light and water in our house for who knows why, an hermana got mad at me for telling her daughter (preparing for the mish)  that she can only come with us to lessons if she meets us there from what our president recently told us and she got all mad and offended and apparently it was all my fault that she isn't excited about the mission anymore. Not one part of that was my fault. Price for being obedient I guess.  We had an appointment at 4 and we were gonna write after so we planned around that and I couldn't do a few things I needed to do but she wasn't even there when we went. Now I have a headache, no money for the rest of the month, and now I'm just frustrated with everything. ahhh

We did have lots of success this week though. We taught 45 lessons, found lots of new investigators, and put a bunch of baptismal dates. But once again when Sunday came, I was let down when not one of our 8 investigators who had promised to go to church went. We passed by for all of them, and none of them were there. I just don't get it! We had days this week when every single one of our plans and appointments work out and we teach 10 lessons in 1 day. But other days not one of them works out so we have to use unplanned ways to find and teach investigators.

One day this week my companion settled a bet he made with Hermana Lety. He ate a huge torta that are pretty famous in this one place by the Virgins Bascilica. It is disgustingly huge, and he ate it all in 25 minutes. I will send pics. It was bad. haha

We had a really great zone meeting this week. The zone leaders had a training with the first counselor in the area presidency. He basically told us that the Lord is not happy with our mission because we are only baptizing 20-30 people each week, when we should be baptizing more than 100. I still haven't had time to review all my notes, but basically I learned that if we want to have the kind of success that they want us to have we have to be 100 percent dedicated to the mission and leave everything else behind. It is very hard to do but little by little I am getting better every day.

It rained a lot this week, one day we got caught in the street in a huge storm. We got so wet it was as if we had just jumped in a pool. Not even kidding. We had to come back to the house and change every bit of our clothes.

Today was a really good day for the first half. We woke up then cleaned our house.  Then we went with Elder Murphy and 2 other elders, Marret and Jiminez to a few places. We went to some ancient ruins that are pretty close to here. I didn't really get the whole story of what they were, but they were pretty cool. Pretty much the only ruins in the mission.  Then we went to downtown, Zocalo. Right now there is a huge thing going on in that big main square. There are tents of like all the countries in the world selling their food and souvenir type stuff. The South Africa tent had an elephant I wanted so bad, but it was ridiculously expensive so I didn't buy it. darn.  It was cool, got to experience lots of different countries. We ran into about 100 other Elders and Sisters there, pretty much the whole mission went. It was cool. But then we came back when all the fun started. 

So Mother with the Wells Fargo thing, I ended up getting a hold of them, and the lady said that YOU can do it. She said anyone on the account can. But she asked me a few questions, then said good now I am gonna transfer you to somebody else but then they didn't answer and the line ended. So I don't know if it worked or not.

But that is basically my week. Sounds like your week was good, lots of changes happening, keeping y'all busy. That's good. Yard work sounds fun. . I miss it. This week will be a year since I graduated! That was fast. haha. Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you tons.

Elder Elgan

PS Britt I got your card and pics. Thanks so much! Loved it :)

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