Monday, May 5, 2014

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Elder Lopez's 6 month tie burning  

Isreal's baptism yesterday

 Our puzzle today. Dont know what the problems is with my left eye though. Haha

 Here is my package

Well hello hello! Another week has flown by and here I am writing again. That was quite the week you guys had! Cant believe I have a new baby nephew! Cant wait to meet him :) haha Well that is just so precious that he shares Josh's birthday and even has his name! That's pretty exciting.

My week was pretty good. It rained a lot and when its not raining its just super hot. We stayed put here for the changes but Bocanegra left Carrera and I was sad cuz now I don't have anyone to keep me connected with it. Oh well things must go on. He told me a sad story though. Ivan the super awesome convert that was so close to us ended up confessing that he has a whole other life, other girlfriend, kids, went back to drinking and doesn't go to church anymore. So that was a bummer.

I had lots of good teaching experiences this week. One day we decided to go knock on the door of a lady somebody told us to contact, and right as we got there her mother who is like 100 years old had just fallen and she wouldn't have been able to get her back up by herself if we hadn't of got there at the perfect moment. So that made for an easy in to the house. haha. We Had a really good lesson with our investigator Silvia and her sister. After she said I have heard these things before but never have I understood them like I do right now. It was one of those everybody has their time and I am doing my job moments. We had an ever so fun lesson with a Jehovah's witness as well. They always get so riled up. I try not to contend and fight, and try to invite the spirit but its just so hard with such stubborn people who think they know everything. We had another really good lesson with a less active. We went to her house, and knocked and knocked and she didn't answer. E lopez wanted to leave but I was just like, just hold your horses Mr impatient. It started to pour and we started to walk away right when she opened the door and said Elderes! come in! She said she wasn't gonna answer the door but then she felt that she should. We had a super good lesson about the atonement. Her dad has been super sick in the hospital and had been very sad and didn't know what to do but has been asking god to help her, she said we were the means through which God answered her prayers. Bottom line, have a little patience! It will go a long way. I planched one sister in the ward that I got a little angry with when she said the church is changing so much and there is no spirit or love in the messages from the prophet, or in the church, she said there use to be such and emphasis on service and there is just not anymore. I told her the church isn't changing, you are. So that was fun.

We had some pretty good food this week. The bishops mom who lived in the US made us homemade spaghetti and toast just like it is at home. Now you know,  I'm not the biggest spaghetti fan but I sure like it here! Kinda like when your camping. Everything American just tastes better here. One day the sister who was gonna give us food got robbed in the morning so didn't have money to make us food. So we bought us a nice chicken and some good ol tortillas. We ate in a few little restaurant things this week because everyone just continues to give us money instead of feed us. One day a lady said she was too lazy to cook (typical,  hahah jk) so she went and bought us these super good fancy hot pocket things full of good stuff. Then fried bananas for dessert :) For weekly planning we made homemade popcorn. I was afraid I was gonna burn it with our lack of materials but it ended up just the same! The butter here is kind of gross though.

Sunday was super good. We confirmed Jessica then baptized Isreal! It was good to see him get baptized finally after all the dates he put off. It was a little hectic Sunday trying to get it all figured out, programs made, service planned but it turned out really good. After we ate lunch with our mission leader and his wife, and the 1st counselor and his wife. All of them are super young and all return missionaries. It was fun to be in a house with all elders exelders and exsisters.

I got a little frustrated at the end of the week because we taught over 40 lessons but nobody else went to church so we didn't have any other investigators progressing or anyone with a baptismal date. We will have to focus on that this week.

Today was a good pday. We woke up then cleaned the house. Then we went over to Hna Letys house. I made a bet with her in the week that I could finish this puzzle she had in an hour, but turns out I couldn't. So I lost. They told me I have to buy and make dinner next Monday,  there is no way I am buying and making dinner on my birthday. haha. After me and Elder Murphy headed to the offices and I got my package! It made it safe and sound to my humble home. When I say humble I mean crappy. I opened it up and loved it! I'll save all the wrapped things for the bday next Monday but loved all the treats and the pic! How thoughtful. haha. Its nice to feel that I am not forgotten :) haha jk.

Well that's about me for the week. Dad hope you continue to recover good from your surgery. Congrats Kayla on graduating from USU! That sounds so old. Joshua hope everything has gone good with your trip to Oklahoma and hope everything goes great! Well the exciting news is that I get to see y'all on Sunday! Yes I will be skyping 6ish my time. So be ready! Seems like we just did this no? Time flies.

Well that should just about do it. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Elgan

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