Monday, November 4, 2013

Week of the Muertos!

Happy Dia de Muertos with my chocolate skull

 Elder Hernandez in the middle

  These are the missionaries in our zone who were in the NW Mexico Mission but got transferred here with the boundary changes this summer

Me and another new Elder that came with me, we are the noobs of the zone, and Elder Hollander who goes home this Saturday

Hola everybody!

Another crazy week here in Mexico, the whole week has been a celebration for Dia de Muertos, day of the dead, but really more like week of the dead. haha. Its probably the biggest holiday besides Christmas/New Year here Elder H. said. The kids go trick or treating every night from our Halloween until yesterday. The whole city goes all out with parties, decorations, pan de muerto is all over-bread of death-just a hunk of bread covered in sugar, not bad, not bad. We had to be in house at 7:30 these last few nights for the crazies that roam the streets all hyped up on pan de muerto. But now November is here, and it sure doesn't feel like it here, same old same old hotness, really it is the perfect temperature though, it just tends to get a little warm when you walk 100 miles up hills everyday.

The Spanish is coming along pretty good, all the members say I am speaking really well, but it is hard to notice too big of a difference myself.

Today was kind of a crazy day, we had another zone activity, so we rode the metro into Buena Vista and went to this gigantor mall and bowled and ate Chinese food. haha It was a pretty good time, but I don't love the zone activities just because they eat away at our p-days. Oh well after we went into the Walmart and bought some food, I was so happy to find apple cinnamon cheerios and nature valley stuff. haha. We then took an adventure to the temple to buy some things from the temple store, but come to find out it was closed so that was a big waste of time and money. oh well

I did get a little sick in the beginning of this week, not bad, but my stomach wasn't quite right for a couple days, and lots of heart burn in the nights, haha but I am better now. Freaking Mexican food.

The teaching is going well, this week was kind of interesting because 4 or so of our investigators said they didn't really have an interest anymore, which is just so frustrating but then we also got like 7 new investigators, so that was awesome. I am really hoping we are gonna have multiple baptisms by December.

We had a mission conference on Friday where president Anaya told us how we need to be doing a lot better on baptisms, and work with the members in our ward more, hmmmm what a grand idea, and Sister Anaya gave a big spchill on safety, a lot of it being about electrical wires and things, I wonder if it has to do with the missionary that was killed that you guys said?

The food this past week has been good, but nothing too memorable that I can think of, except pan de muerto and a butt ton of candy from the Eldas who have enough to last through the next millenium I'm pretty sure. haha.

Sounds like you guys had a fun week, haha loved the kids costumes. Britt those pics of Cambodia looked AWESOME. Thanks to everybody who wrote me, loved the letters Britt, Julie, Nichole, I wish I had time to write you all back individually!

Don't have much more time to write if I want to send pics but I think I covered the highlights!

Love You All,
Elder Elgan

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