Monday, November 18, 2013

Hola Familia!

Here is some churros and hot chocolate for my cold Wednesday. . 
haha 10 peso for double that many churros, 
gonna miss things like this when I come back.

My newly stocked kitchen


Here are some pics from the Temple today, the visitor center opens this Friday so that is pretty exciting for everybody, also the first white sisters of Mexico City East came today.

Hello again!

Another good week here in Sunny Mexico as you guys say, haha however this last Wednesday was freezing cold I wouldn't have been surprised if it started snowing. The Mexicans were dressed like they were going to the South Pole for a few days. haha But now it is back to the same same perfect warm temps! I guess this week is 3 months, I swear it was just 2 . . I'll take it.

This past week was a little frustrating as far as teaching went, we had almost all of our citas (appointments) fall through every single day. I was wondering what in the heck we were doing wrong. But this week should be a lot better. I am hoping we can get a lot of fechas (bap. dates) out this week so we can reach our blanco navidad (White Christmas) baptismal goals. If people would just get married before living together. . its all good though that's what repentance is for :)

Sunday was definitely the most eventful day of the week. We woke up extra early to go and get all of our investigators who had accepted the invitation to come to church with us, 6 or 7, and not a single one answered the door. hmm. Sucks for them that they didn't get to hear my awesome talk on enduring to the end that I gave. haha. No it was good, lots of the members came up to me after and were like felizidades! (congrats) and I was like. .  thanks? After church we hoped on the ward bus and came back to Carrera only to realize we locked the keys in the house. An hour and a freakin half later of finagling with a wire hanger through the window and the help of our ganster neighbor (obviously not his first rodeo breaking into a house) we got it open. So study time yesterday was a tid bit shorter. Then we went to lunch. . With Hermana Sarahi (the ex missionary) which last time was really good but this time . . lets just say straight to the top of the bottom 3 list of the week. haha. It was pig feet, it was really similar to tongue, same consistency, but for some extra flavor had little black hairs growing out of it. I just had to tell myself they were spices. ahhh so bad, it was funny because we were talking about Hermana Sarahis stories of her mission when she had to eat food she didn't like, and while I was choking down some hairy feet I was like "yeah that must have been rough". .

We had a zone fast for Friday and I really wish I would have developed better habits of fasting, because ahh its the hardest thing in the world for me, haha,  definitely something I am really gonna have to work on.

An awesome experience this week was when I was able to teach in English. A brother of one of our investigators who was living in Oregon moved down here, and he is more comfortable in English so I taught the whole lesson in English. I loved it, it was awesome. I was struggling for some words in English which was weird just because I have really only ever taught the gospel in Spanish so its all I really know it in. But the best part was Elder Hernandez standing there with a blank look on his face the whole time, feels nice to give him a taste of my life the past few months. haha.

Today was a really great day. We woke up, studied, cleaned the house, then went to Walmart. I bought a ton of good food, and I am so happy about it, I am going to send a picture of it all, that's how happy I am about it. haha. Then we ate some tortas and went to the offices to get flu shots. yay. Hopefully I don't get sick like I always do from them. I got some good temple and torta pics that I will send also. haha.

The Spanish is still coming, it is hard for me to see too much progress week to week, but I know its there. I really know most of the grammar pretty good, now I just need to learn all the vocab. haha lots of words. . I wrote the President for the first time in Spanish today so that felt good. Hopefully he will understand. haha.

The Week Top 5:
1. Teaching the lesson in English
2. The food of p-day. haha Tortas and my fully stocked house
3. Finished the BOM in the mish
4. Our ward now has ward missionaries to help us!
5. Street food. . haha tacos, wings, and churros. yum

Bottom 3:
1. Hairy Pig Feet Surprise
2. Being locked out of the house
3. Freezing cold Wednesday

Sounds like everything is going really good at home! I will definitely miss Thanksgiving, one of my favorites, but oh well. Hope the house gets done soon so I can see pics!

Love you all!
Elder Elgan

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