Monday, April 21, 2014

Earthquakes, Water fights & Baptisms

Hello Hello!
Well this week was pretty crazy to say the least. First off it was Semana Santa (holy week). So everybody is on 2 weeks of vacation which made finding and teaching peeps a bit difficult. It was really hard week kind of like Christmas and it continues all this week so that should be fun. It rained a ton this week, everyday I think. And on Tuesday, it hailed pretty hardcore. Everything was covered in white and it was like a Mexican Utah! We had a snowball fight.
Tuesday was a good day because we had an activity with our stake for all the youth. It was a missionary activity so we went and helped them learn how to give their friends Books of Mormon, invite their friends to church things like that. After that we had our interviews with president. And after that we had a party. The stake president bought all us elders pizza cuz we met the stake baptismal goals for the month. So that was fun.
So Friday was a bit interesting with the EARTHQUAKE and all. ha My first experience. We were in comp study and I was like Elder Lopez stop touching my chair! But turns out. . he wasn't touching my chair then the whole building started shaking. It felt like being on a cruise ship when its rough seas. It made me dizzy and nauseous more than anything. We went outside and everyone was freaking out and crying thinking the world was gonna end.  But it was really fast and nothing happened so it was all good. That day thunderstorms and tons of rain continued all the day. It was good raging on all the crazies doing their crazy holy week stuff. There are people who seriously crucify themselves and torture themselves. Its a bit out of hand. Silly Mexicans.
Saturday was crazy as well. It is glory Saturday so the tradition here is water fights all the day long. Everyone just goes out in the streets trying to get everyone wet. The first appointment we went to that day we got buckets of water dumped on our heads from the apartments above. Then we got into a water fight with our neighbors. Ha Our investigator Paty who lives next to us and all her kids and all the kids of the place where we live had their little blow up pools below and when we came in they all turned into little savages trying to soak us. Even our old neighbor lady was spraying us with the hose when we walked by. It was pretty fun, but I don't like being wet in mission clothes. meh.
Sunday was a really good day. We had Jessica's baptism! It was a stressful morning trying to get the font filled, track down baptismal clothes that were nowhere to be found, and her boyfriend telling us that he didn't think she was ready to be baptized. But we worked everything out, and had a great service! Benjamin baptized her which was cool, but he ruined his iphone in the process. I saw it in his pocket during the prayer and I was about to say no don't do it! But then I though meh, betta not. So hes gonna need a new phone. Some of my favorite moments on the mission are the testimonies of the new converts. The spirit is always so strong with them and it makes me feel like all my work was worth it.
We had some pretty crappy food with one hermana this week. For starters her house smells like a rotting pigs intestine which really gets the taste buds going. Then she gave us burnt soup, undercooked rice, and a chicken milanesia that was dripping with grease. It just made me feel so good inside :)
Today was a good day of course. We ended up going and visiting with the Eldas again and eating breakfast with them. Bocanegra told me that the younger one is moving to the south of the city so I had to go and say goodbye. But that was a lie, she is still gonna move but not for a couple of months. It was  good nonethelesss. She made us hot dogs (chichago dogs) for breakfast. Little weird, but not unusual for here. 

Hope you had a great Easter, I ate my chocolate bunny in honor of it. Sounded quiet with everybody being gone and all. What is this Brittany about shopping homes in Provo again? Don't even think about it sista! Trevor, good luck in Mississippi hope everything goes well for you. Kayla loved the senior display, still weird to see Kayla Elgan though! ha Sadie have a super happy birthday this week! Love you tons!
Well I am now 1/3 of the way done. Phew. Two more times and its all over. Crazy! Everything continues to go good in the area, lots of work to do. This week will be another rough one with everybody gone and partying but we will make the best of it. We will talk in 3 weeks! What time of the day works best for your guys so I can get it figured out?
Well that's bout it. Love you all and have a super great week!
Con Amor,
Elder Elgan

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