Monday, April 28, 2014


 Ward Family Night

Elder Rodriguez & Elder Elgan at Walmart

Hello once again!

Well that is just quite the busy week y'all had! My week was all right, had its ups and downs, but pretty normal. Got another cycle behind me, changes are tomorrow but me and Elder Lopez are staying put here in Industrial. I'm glad I'm staying in the ward.

We are having lots of success here in some areas of the work and not in others. We are always reaching 40 or more lessons every week, but we have been struggling finding new people to teach. So we gonna have to work on that. We have been working really hard  and I'm just . . tired. always. haha  I really love my personal study everyday, I am trying to use it as effectively as possible. I try studying from the Book of Mormon, the missionary reference library, and Preach my Gospel everyday.

We did divisions this week and Elder Murphy came to my area to work. We had a good time, its always distracting to be with another Americano because we talk a lot about useless things that don't matter but it was fun. haha We made some pretty bombing fried bananas that night and the next morning.

We had a ward family night this week that was really fun. More people came than we were expecting so that was good. Our mission leader and his wife shared a message, then we played some games, and ate some food. It was a good time. I will send pics.

We ate some pretty good food this week. The bishops mom has spent some time in the US so she made us taco bell tacos that were just like taco bells. haha I don't think I would have loved them if I were at home, but I quite enjoyed them here. The family that has adopted us more than anybody is the Cornejo family. They make us lots of good things to eat, whatever we ask. The hno Cornejo is hilarious and is always goofing around. For some reason we always have problems with the food in the ward. They give us lots of money and we have to figure out our own food which I don't like, and lots of people always cancel so that's a bit frustrating.

There is a less active family that we have been working with that I got frustrated with this week. They only care about money and just got baptized so the church would help them. The dad is on drugs, and they just use us and the ward to get financial help. That doesn't make me very happy. But on the other hand this Sunday we will have the baptism of our investigator Isreal, so that should be good!

Today was a pretty good day. We cleaned the house, then met up with E Rodriguez and we did a little shopping and I bought some new shoes. Sunday shoes, just to wear with the suit. Early bday present :) Then we went to Walmart and then I got a haircut by some members. Didn't know but they were new trainees in this salon, so I was a bit scared but hey it turned out all right and it was free.

Well that's bout it for my week! Sadie's birthday looks super fun, cant believe she needs glasses! That's crazy, gonna need to see a pic of that! ha Dad hope everything went well with the surgery and you're  all good now. No mother I haven't talked with anyone or done anything about my cyst but it was fine this week, so I'll just suck it up. That's pretty exciting Kayla is graduating from college this week! But then leaving the next day, what is that about. So Josh and Kayla are leaving the week before I call? How rude! haha Well that's exciting that Julie and Nichole are official on the new house! But not exciting that Britt and Trevor are as well. haha jk. but seriously.

So Brandi, this week is the week! How exciting, hope everything goes super great, you're in my prayers. I'm excited to hear how everything went and see a pic of my new nephew next week!

Happy birthday to Grandma and to Josh this week! Hope y'alls have a great day!

So planning on my calling Sunday the 11th in the afternoon. Probably at 6:00ish our time, so 5:00ish your time. ya?

Well I think that should just about do it, hope you all have a great week, love you all!
Elder Elgan

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