Monday, June 2, 2014

Good ol Mexico

Hello again! That really seemed like a pretty fast week. . .They are just flying by now. Crazy. Cant believe its summer again and its been a year since Tonga, and all the other fun vacations we had before I left.
We had alot of success again this week. We almost taught 50 lessons which was our goal. Success really helps the days and weeks go by a lot faster, but you sure are a lot more tired at the end of the week. haha It rains just about everyday now, which sure makes being in the street just delightful. We left early just about everyday this week at about 9 to teach because we have a lot of new investigators that only can visit with us in the mornings.

Our ward is really glad for the work we are doing here because the last elders here were horrible. I feel like I am always apologizing for everything they did, and making up for the work they didn't do. One recent convert told us she basically had to beg them to get them to teach her, after she did all the work trying to get them to notice her. So that's a bit frustrating and sad to see but oh well.
We found a new investigator this week that was kinda cool. We contacted a guy from knocking on a door, and he let us in and we taught him. He is probably 60ish. In the 1st visit we invited him to be baptized and said that he had been waiting since he was 15 to be baptized but the opportunity had never come. Until now. :) The only issue is. . on the second visit he told us he is a marijuana addict. So that will be a little hurdle, but I know we will be able to get over it. I'm not too worried.

A youth dude who is preparing for the mission went with us for one day this week. That day not a single one of our appointments or plans were there, but somehow we managed 10 lessons. We had to use different methods to find and contact, and teach but that was fun.
On Saturday us Elders organized a priesthood activity of sports for the ward. It was fun,  lots of people went and we played soccer and basketball. All it really did though was just remind me how out of shape I am. I felt like an obese smoker trying to run a marathon. It was not a great experience. haha jkjk not that bad but still. . so fat.

I have really seen the promise of Ether 12: 27 come to live in my mission life lately. Its one of my faves. Especially this week with fasting. Fasting is one of the things that was the hardest for me at the beginning of my mission. But if we come before the Lord with our weaknesses and are humble and have faith, he will make them our strengths. I can fast for 24 hours relatively easy now and have had my testimony strengthened on the importance of the fast.
On Sunday we had 2 investigators come to church with us. That's not very good, but I'll take it with the lack of investigators we have had in church lately. One one that went is Fransisco, the one that is recovering from the brain infection thing I think I told you about. He can walk now, with help. We helped him to church on Sunday and he wanted to share his testimony in sacrament meeting. It was a good moment to see our investigator sharing his testimony about how loving and merciful God has been in his life to give him a trial like that. Another good moment Sunday was when the wife our our convert Isreal (her name is Xochiquetzal, how silly) made us lasagna! I was pretty excited. Pretty darn good. Sunday we also had a training for our stake with President Anaya for our bishops and ward mission leaders. So that was good. Our bishop sure gets excited about mission work in front of presidente, but not so much when its just us. haha (cough..hypocrite) :D

Today was a pretty chill pday. We were supposed to have a zone activity but it got cancelled, so my comp and Murphy's comp just wanted to sleep. So me and Murphy did divisions and went with 2 other elders and made chocolate chip cookies, and no bake cookies then went back to the house and watched movies. Church movies of course. . gosh. So that was fun even though it was a bit expensive for all the stuff and I had to use my hands to make the dough cuz electric mixers don't really exist here and its a little difficult to cream butter with a spoon. haha But they turned out pretty good. So that's all we really did today, but it was fun.
 But that's about it for me for the week, hope you all have a great week, with all the moving and all the craziness. Dad have fun in New York, then after in Italy and Greece, man rough month this is gonna be. haha
I really am loving the mission, so hard but I'm glad to be here. I am trying my hardest to keep my mind in the work at all times and serve the Lord with ALL of my heart, might, mind, and strength. But I still have SO much room to improve. Little by little, everyday, there is just so much expected of us here it is hard to ever feel good enough or that your work was enough.

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Elgan

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