Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello dearest family all over the world!

Hello everybody, wherever you might be!

Another week has passed by and here I am writing again. It was a pretty good week I guess, probably not as good as some of yours though! haha Every week here has so many ups and downs, some days are great, others not so much. But hey thanks to the downs, we can enjoy the ups so much more. This week is 10 months which is pretty crazy! A year will be here before I even know it. Then the time will start flying.

This week we had our Zone class. And  I had to teach the whole zone how to teach that God reveals his gospel in every dispensation through profets, the earthly ministry of Christ, and the apostasy to investigators because everybody complicates that part of the first lesson way to much and for some reason the zone leaders trusted me to teach that to the zone. ha It went ok I think.

We had some good teaching experiences this week. One lesson we taught involved teaching Catholics, atheists, and a dying grandma all at the same time. So that was fun. haha. We found out Rene isn't married which I wasn't very happy about, but he is trying to get his civil marriage done in the next 2 weeks so he can still be baptized the 29. Hugo will be baptized the week after. We have lots of other investigators that we are teaching as well and there is definitely lots of work to do.

Church was pretty funny because a sweet little old lady had just finished giving her first sacrament meeting talk and when she was walking off the stand her skirt fell down right around her ankles. She had her books in her hands and couldn't do anything about it. She was like " I'm sorry, I've lost lots of weight lately. It was actually pretty funny.

Today was a chill day, alls' we really did was clean the house, go to Walmart, get my haircut by a delightful man/woman, come back and had a day in the house. It was much needed. But now I'm feeling lazy and don't know what else to write so ya. . Tonight we have 6 appointments in 3 hours so I think we will be doing divisions with some hermanos from the ward. This week we had 48 lessons, but one week we are gonna have 60! Its gonna happen, just wait. .

Well I hope you all have a super great week. Mom and Dad the cruise sounds amazing, don't have too much fun in Venice and Greece without me. You better be havin a cruise booked when I get backed cuz it just sounds too dang fun. Send me some pics! Good luck summer sellers Josh and Trevor hope your having all sorts of success. Brandi/Brandon your the coolest bc your in the best place in the world, Logan Utah. That's where I would go if I could go anywhere right now! haha Kayla hope your having fun in Vegas, and Nichole and Ashlee good luck in Africa! So cool, have fun.

Well that about does it, love you all, have a great week!

Elder Elgan

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