Monday, June 30, 2014


 Hello once again everybody,

Man these weeks sure seem to be going by fast. This week as usual had lots of ups and downs, but probably a few more downs than ups. There were just a few days with a whole lot of walking, and not a whole lot of lessons or success. But then the Lord always puts a few ups in there to keep me going. One day this week I was in divisions with Elder Murphy when we got caught in the rain. It was pouring and we didn't have anything so we got soaking wet. We were running through the streets, basically under a waterfall and we were just like "whatcha gonna do?" We were laughing, and I'm not sure why but I was just super happy and super glad to be in the mission in that moment. I really enjoyed the divisions with Elder Murphy. If you have a really good relationship between companions it makes such a difference. We put some new baptismal dates, and taught a ton of lessons.

Everyday is a test of patience with Elder Lopez, but its all good. We can never judge people, because we never really know the whole story. This week he told me some things and now I understand a little bit more now why he is the way he is.

The highlight of the week was Rene's baptism! I was so happy everything worked out. We have been working with him to give up marijuana, get married, and get ready for baptism. We discovered some things about his past so he needed a special interview with President Anaya, but he passed and its was all good! The day of his baptism I was having a really crappy day, but the moment that he passed made the whole day worth it. We had a bautizona on Sunday. Almost all the Elders in our zone baptized on Sunday so we all did it together, and President went, and it was pretty cool.  So good to see the fruits of our labors. When I look into Rene's eyes, I can really see the true conversion. He has completely changed his life, and has such a strong testimony for such the short time that he has known the gospel.

So Sunday was super busy with church, the baptism, a stake priesthood meeting, the food, and trying to get a few lessons in there. We continue to teach Fransisco, but he really does not like Elder Lopez. He does lots of things that you can tell make him mad. So the whole time I'm trying to make up for all of Elder Lopez's mistakes, teach him the lesson, and get him baptized in the next few weeks! Next Sunday we will be baptizing Hugo so I'm excited for that. This month our mission baptized 122 people. So that was cool.

It continues to rain a ton, everyday. The world cup has been going on which has been crazy. There was a game on Sunday during church. I thought nobody would go because Mexico is usually pretty shut down when Mexico is playing, but I was proud to see my awesome ward be there instead of watching the game. You can see the difference between those who are converted, and those who just have a testimony in moments like that.

Well that about does it for me. Sounds like you guys continue to be busy. Well Dad calm down, you just got back from Italy and Greece, What is this England/Belgium/Scotland/France business next week? Rough life you got there. Loved the pics from Greece/Venice. Looks so cool. That is crazy that it was one year ago we were watching the fireworks at Niagara Falls. Time does fly. Well tell Grandpa that his last time at Mormon Bend is gonna be when I am there. No exceptions :)

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you tons!

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