Monday, September 8, 2014

Big Changes!

Hello Dearest Everybody,

Well it has been a pretty crazy week! It flew by with all the changes and what not. But the big news is that now I am a zone leader for the Zone Estrella! My area is called Victoria and it is a whopping 5 minutes away from my old area in Industrial. haha. Martin Carrera (my first area) is in my zone now. So I have basically been in the same place my whole mission. haha. My companion is Elder Chacón and he is from Chihuahua Mexico. He is really cool, we get along great. I like the new area a lot, its similar to my area in industrial. But the good news is that my house is a mansion! Its huge. And nice. I'm loving it. I haven't taken pics yet but next week I'll get them to y'all. Its actually a house, not just an apartment, and a member lives below and we live above. For once I actually have a kitchen with stove/oven and all, and nice clean bathroom (2 actually) and many more luxuries. Zone leader life I guess. haha

This week was crazy because almost everyday we had meetings and trainings. Tuesday was changes, Thursday we had a training with all ZLs and DLs and Friday an even longer meeting with just the Zls. Saturday we had a zone class that we taught. We have a pretty good zone, there are some missionaries that I wish weren't in the zone because they don't work but we are working with them and its all good. Sunday was good I got to know the ward a little bit better. Its weird to not be sharing a ward anymore. 

In the Zl meeting with president we mainly talked about how now the church has changed some things with preach my gospel and we have to teach the lesson 5 (laws and ordinances) before baptism. At first I was like ok whatever no big deal, but the more we talked about it the more important I realized it is. If our converts get baptized, but don't continue in the gospel with the ordinances it requires (priesthood, temple, etc) then there baptism doesn't do any good. It made me realize the importance of the ordinances in the gospel and that I want my converts to have eternal life (with me of course), something that only comes through making and keeping convenants through the ordinances. 

We have lots of good goals and plans for this zone this cycle. A goal we put with our zone is that we are all going to put 2 new baptismal dates everyday. And once again the Lord showed me that when we set a goal, and are determined to achieve it, he will prepare the way. Since the class me and Elder Chacon have put 2 or 3 new dates every day. We have been contacting a lot in this area and found lots of new investigators. I have high hopes for our area and zone this cycle :). 

Today was a pretty good day, much needed. haha We woke up, cleaned the house (which takes about 5x the time in this mansion we have), and washed our clothes. For the first time here in Mexico I am washing my own clothes instead of the laundry place (cant remember how to say it in English. . ) because our house has a washing machine. It takes a bit longer but I'll be good. We had to go to the the mission offices, then we went to Walmart. I still go to the same Walmart as I did in Industrial and in Carerra. haha. Oh and I bought some new shoes. My black shoes were done for. They were just falling apart so I bought new ones. (bought it on the credit card mother :)). Then we went back to the house and made some food before coming here to write. 

Well that about does it for me this week! So . . Dad! What the heck. . you just about died, that's just not good. Your crash sounded like it was super scary and painful! What a way to celebrate your last year in Lotoja. I hope your ok! I hope everything goes well in the surgery and what not so that you can get recovered and back into shape fast. You re in my prayers. On a happier note, sounds like everyone is back into school mode. Ha love hearing Max's comments about school, I think I felt the same way. haha. 

But that should just about do it. Loved hearing from you all, love you all tons, and have a super great week! 

Love Elder Elgan

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