Monday, September 22, 2014

Another week in the Mission!

This is our Zone:)

Hello Hello!

Another week has flown by and everything continues to be good here in the mish. I wish fall was coming like it is at home, but it just continues to be the same old same old here. I feel like I am just getting so used to life in the mission that nothing really seems new to me and exciting to tell you guys. haha. 

We finished last Monday off with some good Independence day parties. haha No just 1 and they gave us pozole and chiles nogadas (chiles stuffed with goodness with a nut sauce and pomegranate). I haven't really suffered with shin splints here in the mission like I did before but Monday night I couldn't keep on my feet they cuz my legs hurt so bad. Pdays are so much more tiring than the other days. haha.

We did divisions with some Elders in the zone this week. I went to one of the areas in our zone and it was good, the big Bascilica of Guadalupe (we went there a long time ago-y'all have pics) is in their area.  The house that those Elderes live in is awful, cockroaches everywhere, washing dishes in the bathroom sink, no windows, so it was pleasant. I'm too adjusted to my house, I'm not ever gonna want to leave. haha 

This week we had a zone conference. (see pic) Us and the zone Aragon were together and the conference was super good. As zone leaders we had to teach a part of the conference and the rest was by President and the assistants. I thought it really went well, after leaving conferences like that I always have more desires to work and be better. I hope my zone felt the same. haha. 

Our numbers were really great this week and I was proud of that. (the zone not so much). We found 10 new investigators so I have high hopes for them. The best of all of them was a lady named Martha and her 3 kids. We had a super great first lesson with them. She asked us why we were different from all the rest and after we taught her the restoration she said she understood perfectly why we are different from all the rest. I felt really happy and pleased to find that family, because I could see in their eyes that the Lord had been preparing them for a long time, and that they are ready to accept the message of the gospel. 

Sunday was alright, I got kinda mad in church though. We had lots of new investigators in church, and in one of the classes the class was about death and what we need to do to prepare and a whole bunch of things that I didn't feel were appropriate to talk about in church. We go to learn about the gospel not that, I could tell that the investigators didn't like what was going on, and I even got up and tried to help the investigators understand what it had to do with the gospel, and tried to steer the lesson on a good path. A few members even thanked me afterwards. 

Our baptism fell through, because she couldn't get all her papers ready for the wedding, so this week were gonna get it all ready, but she is going to be baptized the 5 of October. This next Sunday we are gonna baptize Elisa though which should be really great.

Today was a bit crazy because we had our zone activity! Elgan style. The activities from what I have heard have been really lame here so I tried to change things up. My comp didn't help much, I basically did it all but its all good. We did another mission Olympics like we did in Industrial, but I changed the events, and made new ones. It was really fun. And for food I wanted to do something different because all the zones always eat tacos, or carne asada, so I changed things up and made crepes and french toast :) President and Sister Anaya even showed up. haha The assistants were there as well. President said he loved the activity and the games we did. Boo yah. 

But that about does it for my week. Sounds like everything is going really well at home, Dad I hope that you continue to feel better. I hope everything goes well with Jessica and Brandon's baby.  Umm. . well I love you all and have a super great week!!

Love Elder Elgan :D

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