Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Mexican Independence Day!

The taco's I threw up!

Me and Rodriguez on divisions

Happy Monday! Today is Mexico's independence day and its pretty cray cray. Them Mexicans sure like to party. haha I'm glad it is pday so that we didn't have to work too much on the holiday, but they give everybody off work and school tomorrow to get over the hangover so tomorrow might be a bit difficult. haha. 

This week was super good! Flew by. I am getting used to my area, companion, and all that fun stuff. I really like my area and zone so I am looking forward to the next 6 months here. haha The work is going really good here we have lots of baptisms coming up. We had one every week for the next 5 weeks, but a couple didn't go to church on Sunday so we gonna need to change a few. But for sure the next 2 weeks. One is named Bianca and the Elders have been teaching her for about a year and haven't been able to baptize here but we finally got her ready, and is ready for this Sunday. She has to get married this week though cuz she is living with her luvy buddy but that should all be taken care of by Wednesday. Another investigator that we have is named Elisa and she is super excited for her baptism in 2 weeks. I don't think I have had anyone so excited for a baptism before so that is awesome. We are really working hard to baptize every week so that we can put the example that it can be done for the zone. 

The good news about being zone leader is that we have divisions with the assistants, which means with Elder Rodriguez. haha. Wednesday he came to my area and we worked all day. It was so fun and awesome to work with such a great friend it just makes mission work fun. (not that it isn't without a good friend ha) The only bad thing was that he wanted to buy tacos before we went home at night, super good, but at about 3 in the morning I threw them all up. blah. The first time I have thrown up in the mission. Those tacos didn't fall too well with me. But its all good the next day some members bought us tacos again and it was all back to normal. :) 

Me and Rodriguez had a really cool teaching experience. We found and were teaching a husband/wife combo who have been Christians their whole life. But when we taught them about the restoration and they said that they felt a new spirit that they had not  felt for many years, and want to come to church and be baptized :) So that was cool. 

Friday our ward had their "Mexican Night" activity for Independence day. It was really fun. The sisters of the ward did all sorts of traditional Mexican dances that were quite festive to say the least. They had all the traditional Mexican food that we didn't get to eat because we had to be in our house at 9:30. But its all good. This time of year they eat lots of pozole, corn on the cob (Mexican style), tacos of course, and tequila. There's nothing like a nice shot of tequila after a long day of work :)

Today was a pretty crazy pday. We got up, washed the clothes and the house. Then we met up with the assistants and went to the zone activity of another zone. I felt like I was cheating on my zone but oh well. But we were only there for a bit cuz Elder Rodriguez and I had planned on going to look for new suits cuz we both need them. So we did divisions and we went to a place called Plaza Aragon. Ít is out in the state of Mexico. (outside of the distrito federal) about half of the mission is in the state of Mexico but I had never gone. It is a lot uglier and more dangerous. But it has one good mall. So we went and shopped suits. And we both found some good ones. The first one that I picked out of course being me was the most expensive in the whole store haha but later I found one I liked a lot, half the price, with a shirt and tie. Done and done. Its pretty cool, Its also Italian like my other one, but its light gray. I'm gonna try to get my other suit pants fixed, but it was a need to get another one. haha. I'll send a pic next week. Then we came back to find our comps but they were in internet so we also came and started to write. So we need to finish up, go to Walmart, and then we have some appointments and some pozole Independence day parties lined up. haha so its all good. 

Glad to hear that everything is going good at home, Dad I'm glad that you are doing good, I hope you get better soon, and meanwhile Josh can do all the chores and projects. :) I wish it was fall here but its all just the same. The nights are getting a little bit colder though. And I wish I could just turn on the furnace but that doesn't exist here. haha. 

But that about does it. I love you all tons and hope you have a super great week!

Love Elder Elgan

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