Monday, September 1, 2014

¡Feliz Septiembre!

Hector's baptism

Bowling in Buenavista

Some city shots from the Forum Buenavista mall, about 10 minutes from my area

Hello everybody!!

Well it has been a SUPER great week. One of the best so far. Mainly for all the work we had. It was crazy we were running all over the place everyday. Of the 53 lessons we taught, 43 were set appointments. I think that was a record. Every night in planning all the days were already planned for us. haha.

Well the big news is. . Tomorrow I have changes! Ah! President Anaya called me on Thursday to tell me. Normally we don't know until Monday night, but I got special treatment so I've known since Thursday. I'm really nervous about actually. I feel like I will have this next area and only 1 more in the mission. This week I have learned that we really grow to love the people and area's that we serve. I remember getting here and not wanting to be in this area. I wanted to go back to my first area. But now I really don't want to leave. I have grown to love this area and many people here. That's what happens when you serve I guess. Whatever happens will be for the best, but changes are always a little bit difficult having to change and get use to a new area. Wish me luck with that.

Sunday we had Hectors baptism! It was super good. It was so good to see him get baptized. I love those moments when I get to hear a new converts testimony. He was a little bit difficult at first, but now I can see that he is definitely converted to this gospel.

Everything is going good with our investigators. Next Sunday we (well I wont be here) will baptize Elvira. She has so many family problems and her husband is something special and its pretty sad. She had thought about suicide many times and had said that she needs a different way of life. That was when we contacted her in the street. I really wish I could be here for her baptism but that's ok I just hope my new area will have baptisms lined up. Probably not. haha.

There is a guy here named Erick Robinson that we have grown pretty close to. All his family are members but not actives. He wants to serve a mission but his mom won't let him, at least not yet. It really made me so glad and grateful that I have the support of all you guys, because if I didn't, who knows if I would make it. haha.

Sunday was crazy with the baptism and all, the lady we ate with took way to long and by the time we left it was pouring rain and had to wait it out a little bit. We even had to change and miss appointments. We got 2 family nights in and both families were crying that I was gonna leave. haha they said they were gonna protest so that I could stay. I'm in. haha.

Today was a good, very full pday. We woke up, cleaned, went to Walmart, went to Buenavista with Elder Murphy to go bowling, wrote letters to my converts here, and came to write. It was a little stressful but a really good day. Now I'm gonna have to go and get everything ready for changes, after we work of course.

Sounds like everything is good at home, Labor Day looked fun. I miss it but hey 11 months from today I'll be home :) Good luck with Lotoja Dad! The garden/greenhouse project sounds fun. Your next project should be converting the guestroom into a nice guestroom and not a storage room for all my friends that are gonna come visit me :) oh and for Britt and the rest of the fam too of course. haha E. Rodriguez told me to tell you thanks so much for the photo.

Well that about does it for me. Have a great week, love you all, and next week I will be in a new area! ah!

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Elgan

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