Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Week!

Hello again!

Well another week came and went, and it had its ups and downs. It was a pretty difficult week work wise for some reason. We struggled finding a lot of our investigators. We we did get a few new ones, and put some new baptimal dates so it wasn't too shabby. 

On Friday we had Leadership council. (see pic) Its all the zone leaders, assistants, and secretaries of the mission. It was super good but it lasted more than 8 hours. A little long. haha They had a part about family history and lots were pretty amazing about my family tree and how I could show several direct lines to Adam and Eve. Thanks family (whoever did all that) for doing all that work. haha. I really like the trainings from President Anaya, he is pretty powerful. He always makes me feel the spirit and want to be a better missionary. 

So our baptism this week fell through. Its Mexico's fault. All the people in the government offices thought going to a birthday party was more important than working on Friday, so Biana could get married. Tomorrow she will get married and next Sunday should be her baptism. Hopefully. haha

Loved General Conference! Its awesome. I have sure learned to love it here in the mission. I hope I always love it as much as I do here in the mission. We saw all 5 sessions and had several investigators go. Its so cool to see the prophets and apostles teach about what we teach every single day.  The language thing was a cool new addition, I liked hearing the talks in Spanish, even though I heard every single other talk in Spanish, it was just better to hear the natural voice of someone, and not through a translator. haha It was the first time I didn't get at least a couple sessions in in English, but I was happy because I understood 99% of it, so it doesn't really matter. haha. I really want to go the conference when I get back, it made me realize how lucky we are to have it so close but we hardly ever take advantage of it. So many people here would kill to be able to go to it live. 

So you want more info about my Comp? Well he is a Chihuahuan cowboy. He has 6 more weeks in the mission than I do. He has been a zone leader for a while so we know that we have one more cycle here then he will have changes. I get along with him really well. I know he speaks English really good, because he basically lives on the border, but he never speaks it. He gets embarassed. How cute. 

The weather here in Mexico continues to be pretty much the same ol. The rainy season is lasting longer that usual and I'm just about sick of it. haha. Hot days, cool nights and mornings. I could use a nice winter, but too bad that will never come. 

Sounds like everything is going good at home, Dad I wish I was there to help ya projects and yard work sounds like so much fun. Wish I could be there for the annual family murder mistery party sounds so fun, but next year I'll be there to whoop y'all. haha jk. I am losing all intellegence in Mexico. Simple math is a sturuggle sometimes. But my spiritual intellegence is growing so don't worry :) Good luck in New York Dad, don't have too much fun. 

But that should just about do it! Love you all and have a super great week!

With Lots of Love,
Elder Elgan

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