Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween/Day of the Dead!!

Hello all in this lovely last week of October, 

First off, happy birthday Brittany and Brandi! The murder mystery night looked like tons of fun! ha you guys sure go all out. Loved the costumes, yes Brandon was pretty hilarious. My week was pretty good, went by really fast. Cant believe October is almost over, the year is just about over as well. haha. 

This week we had divisions with the assistants, that means with Elder Rodriguez. He managed to finagle the divisions on his birthday so that was fun. haha. I really loved working with him. It makes such a difference when you get along so well with your companion. We were in his area and even his investigators noticed the difference, and said we are a really good companionship. haha. Thursday morning at 7 president called and said a new missionary had escaped so we had to run all over the city to all the big bus stations trying to find him, but we never could. He showed up in his house in Veracruz a few days later so all is good, but that was a fun experience. 

The best part of the week was Jose and Martha's baptism. Ahh it was such a process to finally dunk them. We have had lots of difficulties but we were able to overcome them all. On Wednesday they told us they didn't feel ready, and Martha hadn't been able to drop the last few cigarettes she had been smoking. But we talked about the baptismal covenant reading D&C 20:37 and the Saviors invitation in 3 Nephi 9 to come unto him NOW so that he can heal us, and they committed to be baptized on Sunday, and stop smoking from that moment. The doctors had told her that it wouldn't be good to stop smoking so abruptly but I said I don't care what the doctors say, trust in the Lord and his promises, and everything is possible. She stopped smoking, they both passed their interviews and were ready for Sunday. Then Sunday at 7 in the morning they call us and said that they didn't feel ready and good about it. Ahh I didn't know what to think. We told them to take all their things and we would talk in the church. When we were there Martha said that she was gonna be baptized, but Jose said no, not yet. We shared a message but I didn't want to pressure him. Martha was sad about it, but by the time we left sacrament meeting Jose came up to us and said ok I want to be baptized now. Who knows what happened but everything turned out good, and the service was super good. I baptized Martha and E Chacon baptized Jose. I was really happy after hearing their testimonies about how grateful they are for all that we have done for them. I love seeing those converts that I can look back from when we knocked on their door contacting til their baptism. Love it. 

I feel like that was all we really were focused on this week. haha This week our zone did really good with baptisms. We are the number 3 zone of the mission for baptisms this month. boo yah. Being the smallest zone in the mission, that hasn't really achieved anything in the past makes that feel really good. 

Well I hope you all have a super great week, and a happy halloween! So Mom and Dad will you be in Florida when I write next week? Sounds like it, have fun with that.

Peace and blessings!

Elder Elgan 

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