Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy 14 Months! :D

Hello Hello!

Well here I am again reporting another great week here in the mission. I am really happy right now because today was a super good day. Wednesday is Elder Rodriguez's birthday so we went out to celebrate. We wanted to do something different so we decided to go hike a mountain. I honestly didn't even know places like this existed in our mission until they told me about it. It is out on the limits, in the state of Mexico. We headed out at about 6:00 and took a bus about 45minutes to the foot of the mountain and began to hike. Most of it was road, it reminded me of the Tony's Grove road, but had some good muddy trail parts. It was raining and super misty. It felt so good to be outdoors and out of the city, I could actually breath fresh air for the first time in more than a year. We hiked to the top to a lookout tour and had kind of a Crater Lake moment because it was all cloudy and misty, usually you can see all of Mexico City from up there. But oh well it was pretty awesome. It was us, E Rodriguez and his comp E Sewell, and their zone leaders Elder Fike and Alvarez. (See the many pics I sent- only about a third of them). So that was awesome, after we came down, and went to lunch at Panda Express. Then we shopped in Walmart, came back to clean the house and to write. The whole day we were in normal clothes which was so weird for me. Normally it is very against the rules, but we had permission so don't worry. I just felt like a normal boy again. haha. Good good day. 

The week was pretty good, fast. We had changes, and our zone changed a little bit. We have one companionship that we are gonna have some problems with because they are both pretty dead, oh well we will get through. Should be another great cycle. 

Everything is going pretty good with our investigators, a few frustrations and obstacles but hey there always is. We should baptize 2 of our investigators next week, Jose and Martha. Gonna be super great converts, so we are working with them as much as we can. 

This week we got to have a little field trip and I went with all Elders from my generation to Polanco, aka rich Mexico City. Now that we have more than a year in Mexico we had to go renew our visas. That place is such a night and day difference from our mission. It makes me realize that I actually could live in the city. I have not enjoyed city life here in Mexico City, but over there it is completely different. We also stopped by a Dairy Queen and got a blizzard which was fun. Gotta love those American moments.  

Its crazy how fast time flies in the mission, and how far I have come. I have been reading my journal from a year ago, and I feel like I have learned SO much since then. I don't know how I made it through the first few months. haha But now I feel like a completely different missionary and person. So that's really good to see. 

Oh and I made brownies this week. Gotta take advantage that I have an oven! So they were pretty good. Love when I get to bake a little bit. Reminds me of the good ol times.

Sounds like everything is good with you guys at home, I love you tons and have a super great week!

With Lots of Love, 
Elder Elgan

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