Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Feliz Octubre!

The title of this pic is "Get that corn out of my face!" 
(Nacho Libre)

Finally got some house pics :)

 Mas fotos de la casa

y mas

and more

more house

And my package


Well that week sure went by fast. haha. It was a really good week as usual. Can't believe another month has gone, its almost October, and I come home in  10 months! Crazy stuff. Its gonna fly by, I'm sure of it. Today has been a pretty chill day. We had a good house cleaning session (well I did while my comp slept on the couch). Then we headed out to the state of Mexico to take some important top secret papers to a hermana that is getting all the wedding details figured out for our investigator that is gonna be baptized on Sunday. Then we came back to the offices, and got my package! We went to Walmart then back to the house and I opened the package. Loved it! Thanks so much. Yes I could definitely feel the love. :) I'll send a pic. Then we came here to write. 

It was a pretty busy week. We did divisions 2 days this week with Elders in the zone. One day I stayed here in my area and one of our dls came with me, and the other day I went to Carrera! I was pretty excited. I had told the Elders there to make sure the food was with the Eldas on Thursday so we could eat with them when I went. It was good to be back for a day. I forgot how ugly that area was. And the house. haha but it was good, I got to see lots of people that I knew so well for the months that I was there. A whole year ago. So that was fun. 

We are teaching a super awesome family. Well its a mom and her 2 kids. Her name is Martha and her daughter Sofia. Sofia is only 10 and is smarter than all the other investigators I have combined. She always asks deep doctrine questions that I don't even know how she comes up with them. But they are both excited for their baptism the 26. They want to move because they don't like it here, but they said they aren't going to go without being baptized first. So that's awesome. 

This week we had interviews with Pres. Anaya. They were super great. They are longer as a zone leader, and we have one as a companionship. so that was greeaat. 

Sunday was a super good day because we had a baptism! We baptized our investigador Elisa. It was super good to see her get baptized. She has been so excited for it since the beginning. She is one of those people who you can just tell the Lord has been preparing her for a long time to accept the gospel. The best moments of the mission are the testimonies of the converts after their baptisms. it just makes it all worth it. 

Sounds like you all had a good week, happy October and hope you all enjoy conference this weekend! I know I will. Well, love you and que tengan muy buena semana! :D

Love Elder Elgan

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