Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Monday!

Well its time to write again!

Every day and week just seems to go by faster and faster. The days and weeks can be SO hard sometimes but they come and go just like the waves on the shore. ha. But seriously. This week was really good, busy, with lots of things to do. 

On Tuesday we had our zone class. For our zone classes I always think that I don't have enough info and things prepared to share with our zone but 3 hours later I'm still keep talking and talking and the things just seem to come. It was a good class. Wednesday was a really awesome experience because we had a zone conference with Elder Valenzuela of the 70. (2 counciler in the Mexico presidency) It was a great conference, we were combined with 3 other zones. He talked lots about how the Lord is hastening the work and that the church wants Mexico to be completely independent from the US and be able to support itself and all that so it is our responsibility to strengthen our wards and areas so that they can accomplish it. On Saturday we had a leadership council with Elder Valenzula and it was great as well. He talked about the confidence that the Lord has put in each one of us to be leaders, as well as with those who have callings in the church and the responsibilities that we have. 

One of the parts that I really loved was about the parabola of the lost sheep. Its easier to apply this to people who have some leadership position but we can apply it to every member of the church. All of us know people who need help, who have problems, and have gone astray from the path. And as it says in Luke 15 we need to look for them until we find them. And we will not turn back until we do. When we find them we will, like the sheep, put them over our shoulders, suffering their afflictions with them, putting ourselves in their shoes, and help them every pass of the way like Christ does with us. But we must do it rejoicing, happy with a positive attitude, and when we bring them back to the flock, we will have the party. Later in the same chapter with the parabola of the prodigal son it lets us know what that party is. When the prodigal son came back the father said bring out the best clothes, ring, and sandels (Temple clothes), and then we will truly celebrate. The temple is the goal for everyone. Exaltation is impossible without the temple ordenanzas. We must help all the lost sheep we can get there. There will be more joy for 1 repented soul than 99 of have no need of repentance. And how great we be our joy if it is through us that that lost sheep finds his flock again. (FYI I really struggled writing this in English haha). I really loved this part of the conference. Something that Elder Valenzuela told us is that we must always now begin with the end in mind. We don't have the goal to baptize, but to help people receive those ordenanzas, baptism only being one step of that process. 

On Sunday we went to the visitors center with Martha and Jose and that was really awesome. Jose said, "I love being Mormon!" haha it was funny. They are such great converts, and are on their way to the temple in 1 year. 

Work was hard this week with all the conferences and distractions and what not. We only taught 34 lessons, I don't think I have taught so few for a year. haha. But its all good, the lessons we had were really great. 

Today we had our zone activity. I was thinking about what we learned in the conference and our zone lacks faith and miracles. So we watched 17 miracles to show them all the miracles really do exist. We also had some Panda Express delivered to the capilla (that's how we do things in Elder Elgans zone :)). And played volleyball. It was fun! The APs came and 2 hermanas from the visitors center that the other hermanas invited came. Everyone wants to be in the best zone of the mission. Estrella! Estrella is Spanish for star in case y'all wanted to know haha. 

Sounds like you all had a great week! Mom and Dad it looked like you sure enjoyed being kids again running around Florida. Loved the pics! I want a vacation but oh well, one day. . . Dad good luck in NYC and in England this week. The vacations just never stop for you. Loved all the pics that everyone sent me! Keep um up, I like to see how thing look back at home. A home I feel like I don't even know. haha. Guess what! I call in 6 weeks! That's exciting. And when I call I'll only have 7 months and a bit left! Crazy! 

Well I love you all and hope you have a super great week!
Con mucho Amor,
Elder Elgan

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