Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello Everybody!

Well happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Too bad that doesn't exist here :( Oh well. Can't believe that week and a half is already over! Went by fast! And lots of changes! Lots of things happened since last Monday, lets see if I can remember it all. . . 

Well the big news is that I have a new comp! His name is Elder Guillén. He is from Bolivia! Well his mom is from Bolivia and his Dad from Brazil, so technically he is from both countries, and has lived in both. Speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese! Hes really cool I like him a lot. Super easy going and easy to get along with. He is excited to be ZL for his first time. We already have lots of unity between comps. Last night in our first 4 hours working together we taught 6 lessons, contacted 4 new investigators, and put 4 new baptism dates. Good huh! haha It should be a good 2 transfers :)

Sunday we had Zoes baptism! It was super good. The best part is that her parents went, and really felt the spirit and super good in church. Last night we put baptismal dates with both of them in the first visit. We should have their baptism for Christmas! Yay! Elder Chacon baptized her. And the cold water sure knocked the wind out of her. Whoops. I tried to heat it up but apparently I didn't do a very good job. The primary did the special musical number. So it all went very well. The only bad thing is that we forgot to take pics.. sorry bout that.

Hmm. . what else happened. I forgot to repass my journal before coming. haha. This Sunday we are in the choir for the very private event of the lightning of the lights on the temple for Christmas. All them famous church people from Mexico should be there. haha. We are singing, Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy, and the EFY medley. Should be good. 

We had lots of changes in our zone, closed areas, opened others, new district leaders. So I have to get to know a whole new zone it feels like. We have lots of meetings and what not this week that should be pretty good. 

Elder Rodriguez is no longer assistant and is training in another zone. So now I can't have too much contact with him which is sad. haha. Oh well. 

Everything sounds good at home, I sure miss home during this time of year but I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to enjoy the holidays at home, and only one more chance to do it away so it should be good. I'm excited for the new cycle. Monday we are having another zone activity, and I want to do it Christmasy so we'll see what we come up with. 

Well I can't remember anything else but I love you all, have a super great Thanksgiving and we'll talk to y'all on Monday!

Love Elder Elgan

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