Monday, November 17, 2014


Hello Everybody!

Well it sure sounds cold at home! I'm so jealous, its so hot and sunny today. haha. I'm sick of it. You always want what you don't have right? haha. It was a pretty good week for us here. Lots and lots of work.

We were supposed to have Alberto's baptism yesterday. But his daughter just had surgery and wants to be there and can't leave her house so we had to postpone it until December.  Oh well. Next week we will baptize Zoe, she's the granddaughter of Elisa, our other convert. We keep teaching lots every day, lots of contacting and we have been pretty successful so that's good.

This weekend we had stake conference Saturday and Sunday. It was pretty good on Saturday President Anaya was in both sessions which is always fun. They had lots of ex missionaries talk and they all planched the members for not working in the mission work but then Pres Anaya got up and planched all the ex missionaries for not doing it either and being hypocrites. It was pretty great. haha. Sunday it was a transmission from SLC and Mexico City and the ex area president and current area president talked. Also Sister Reeves and Elder Andersen talked. And they all did it in Spanish! Elder Anderson and Sister Reeves struggled a little bit, but they did pretty darn good. Gift of tongues. Loved Elder Johnson's (ex area pres) talk, he talked about how not one excuse exists in the world for not reading the scriptures and praying as a family every single day. Very true. They blessings are there for those who are willing to obey.

We had a good meeting with our stake president this week to talk about the stake and our zone, and the wards and what not. We got pretty lost trying to find his house. We got to where he told us and it was on a big busy street, with lots of food stands and what not, super sketchy, we found a big scary drug dealin type guy sitting on a bucket and said ummm were looking for President Cabrera? I was thinking, we are definitely in the wrong place, but nope he lifted up a curtain behind him and said all the way to the end. And yep, there he was. So that was fun.

Today was a pretty good pday. We got up cleaned then headed out. We went with the assistants and 2 other missionaries to Tepito (big scary dangerous black market where you can find anything in the world for cheap). I think at the end of the mission I'm gonna go back to load up. I found the Beats headphones that I have and the more expensive ones, real ones, for about 100 dollars. Normally about 500. Then we went to Buenavista, the big mall. We went shopping bc this weekend in Mexico is the equivalent to black Friday in the US just not as crazy. I bought 3 new ties :) Then we went to the mission offices, Walmart, and here to write. It was a good day, but I'm tired now. haha.

Sounds like everything is good at home. Lots of changes! I wanna see pics of G&Gs house, Julie you still haven't sent pics of yours either, and Britt you neither! Get on it! haha jk. So yes next week I will write on Wednesday, not Monday so that will be a change! And I will have a new compaƱero. :)

But that should just about do it. Love you all, and have a great week!
Love Elder Elgan!

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