Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Cold January

Hola Familia!

Well since I wrote on Wednesday, I feel like not a lot has happened. But we had a really good week and started off this new transfer well. In the middle of the week we were feeling like everything was going bad and wrong, and we weren't making any progress with our investigators. We got to a point where we both felt like we were just teaching the lessons to teach them, and not focing enough on their needs. For the last few days we really foces on that and we could see a great difference. On Sunday we were happy because we had 8 investigators in church, and all of them are progressing for their baptisms in this month and in February. So we finished off the week great and are happy for that. 

Today was kinda crazy cuz we had our zone activity. It has been a lot of work and stress for the little time that we have had, but it turned out pretty good. I think this is the first time since 6 that I have sat down. ha. We played a version of scripture trivia that included 3 different bop its for tie breakers, when both teams answered the question correctly. (my comp found and bought 3 different bop its in the tianguis and is gonna send them home now ha). Then a scripture scavenger hunt type thing through the church. It turned out really good. And then we made bbq wings and nachos. By we I mean I. They turned out really good actually. haha. Then after that we ran back to the house, to Walmart and here to write. It was good to get to know the new zone a little bit better. I don't like being ZL for zone activities because I stress myself out too much trying to make them good, but I feel good now that todays over. haha. 

I had to talk in sacrament yesterday about mission work and forgot about it until we got to church. It went really well though. It really is true that if we study and have a desire to learn, the spirit will put in our mouths the words we need to say in just the right moment. I felt really happy and I felt in my place here in the mission as I was talking, and as I could see our 8 investigators, various less actives, and the chapel was as full as I have ever seen it. It was a good moment. 

I have a new favorite food dish, its called pollo almendrado. (almond chicken??) Super good, and super easy to make so I will have to make that when I get home, so get excited for that :) รง

Well sounds like everything is going good at home. I'm so sad that Brandi and Brandon are moving, how could they, but I'm glad that they are happy. Brand you will have to send me some pics of the new house! I will sure miss your old house though. . Kayla's job sure sounds rough traveling all over the Caribbean in the middle of January. haha Have fun in the car show Mom and Dad! Send me some pics, and don't forget to sign me up for Motortrend :) I will be waiting for the package thanks so much! 

Well I love you all, have a super great week!
Love Elder Elgan

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