Monday, January 26, 2015


Mi querida familia, 

Well hello. This week was pretty good! It had some ups and downs but overall it was good. We're finally coming out of the winter season which I'm glad for because this whole month the nights have been really cold. But its just gonna get hot again and I'll complain about that. haha. But everthings good here in our area, with our ward, investigators and most importantly with my comp. I'm trying to enjoy every second of this area cuz I only have 3 weeks left here and I really like this area. 

On Sunday we had a baptism! We baptized Gerardo and it was really great. He is a really great guy, super humble. He works in the street collecting cardboard, and bottles and what not. He is a strong convert and has had many spiritual experiencias lately to convince him of the truthfullness of this message. He, with his daughter, rent a little room and sleep on the floor. They basically have nothing. Its sad but he is so strong, and finds the good in every situation. We are gonna do what we can to see what the church can do to help him. The baptismal service was good, it was combined with another service of an 8 yr old in our ward. Church was awesome yesterday was well because we had over 100 peeps in sacrament meeting. When I got to this ward there was like 50. Were getting somewhere! 

We did divisiones with 2 companionship's from the zone this week and they were pretty good. We have a pretty prideful district leader who doesn't seem to want our help, but I put tried to put him in his place and he asked forgiveness so that was good. The other companionship we helped them work a little harder, contact a little more, and achieve what they are capable of. 

This week was sad because we decided to stop visiting Javier and Jazmine. We have put so much time and effort into them to try to help them, but it just seems like they don't want the help. With their words they do, but their actions sure don't show it. Between the lies they tell us and other things we decided to stop visiting for a while to see if they can figure out what they really want in their lives. Its hard because when you really serve and try to help someone, you develop love and charity for this person and it is hard to see them suffer, but I don't know what else we can do. Their time will come. 

But on the bright side, we have lots of other investigators, and the Lord has blessed us with lots of work here. Today was pretty good, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. This week we have interviews (I should get my go home date), leadership council, divisions with the assistants, and service projects so it should be a good, busy week. 

Everything sounds good at home, Dad hope everything goes well in England. Well, hope everything goes well this week, keep safe, and always follow the spirit! :)

Love Elder Elgan

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