Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Greetings!

Well Hello Again,

Well a lot has sure happened since the last time I wrote. . and the good news is that I didn't have changes! Yay! So I will be here until mid February. I will have 6 months in every area in the mission I'm thinking. haha. I'm happy I really didn't want changes, and I really didn't want to leave my beautiful house. So I'm excited for 6 weeks more here. Things are better with my comp, sometimes I get frustrated with him, but oh well, were getting better.

There were a lot of changes in our zone however, almost every companionship had changes. So we are getting use to all of the new elders, and are excited to work with them. It was sad to see some of the missionaries go, because they were great, but oh well, we have new great ones. Yesterday we had to go to the changes meeting to get the new sisters, because they changed both in one of our areas, and we had to take them to their new house, it was quite the dealio because they ended up giving us the wrong keys, we had to go in through the window, but we eventually got it all figured out and everyone settled. 

On Saturday we had leadership council and then on Monday we had our zone class. The class went really well. We talked about the importance of knowing and studying the doctrine of Christ  and the atonement and how it can change our outlook on the mission. It was quite spiritual to be quite honest. haha. 

UmmI new year was pretty good I guess, even though I couldn't be up for it. haha A super awesome family gave us dinner to eat in our house, and we helped them make it. It was like a ham/potato casserole and spaghetti. We heated it up in our oven that night and had our little feast so that was fun. In Mexico the 5 of January is like Christmas because the "3 wisemen" apparently bring the children their presents. Santa isn't quite as popular here. They eat a big bread thing called Rosca de Reyes. (google it) Super good. Inside there are little plastic doll things and whoever gets it in their piece has to buy the tamales in February. Yep and both times we ate rosca I got the freaking doll. Just my luck. ha. 

Today was a pretty good pday. We went to the zoo! There is a zoo in front of the temple, but its closed on Monday's. Now that our pday was on Wednesday we could go! It was pretty decent, quality in between Willow Park and Hogle. The tiger was tryng to attack us so that was cool, scared me a little bit cuz the enclosures don't seem quite the best quality here in Mexico. I'll send some pics. The rest of the day was just the normal clean, Walmart, and so forth. 

Everything is going alright with the investigators, we should have lots of baptisms and families ready for this month so we are looking forward to that! But I think that should just about do it. . love you all and have a super great week! Talk to you in 5 days! 

Love Elder Elgan

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