Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy February!

Well hello everybody!

This week was a little bit crazy, I feel like so many things happened, but it all went by so fast. Everything is going good in the area, we have lots of really great investigators that are progressing. This week we will baptize a girl name Viviana who is 17. She is really great, and already wants to serve a mission. The YSA has fellow shipped her really well in the ward, and she is super excited for her baptism. We also have a couple that we took the the visitors center, and talked for a long time about celestial marriage and eternal families and they really felt the spirit and in the next 2 weeks should be gettin married and hopefully on the 15th we will baptize them right before I have changes. 

This week we had interviews with President and they went pretty well. I will for sure be coming home the 1 of August. :) So you can make all the plans. haha After the interviews we had divisiones with the APs and it went all right. We worked good all day in their area but that night after getting back to the house I got sick. Who knows why. But I was throwing up every 20 minutes all night long. Not too fun. Even though I felt like I was suffering so much, I just tried thinking about the atonement and it sure made me appreciate it that much more. During all this my comp was fast asleep, kinda like Christs apostles when he was in the garden of Gethsemane. So that's how Christ must have felt about that. haha kinda funny.  So I was getting over that all week, and had to take it easy a couple days. Hermana Anaya gave me some drugs and a doctor in our ward gave me more and a shot in the butt so I'm much better now :) haha. But this week should be much better because everythings back to normal.

Umm what else happened. . we had leadership council this week and it was all right, it was probably my last, who knows if I'll be ZL after these changes. . probably not. Other than that we were just working here in the area. We had a really good Sunday in church again, lots of people and investigators went and we were really happy for that. 

Today we got up, cleaned the house nice n good, studied a little, went to the offices (got my package!  but I still haven't open it), then went to eat for Elder Bocanegras birthday. We were planning on going to Chiles but it was closed so we went to a really good restaurant called the Carnal. I ate an alambre, one of my Mexican favs. So that was good. After we went to Walmart, Sam's club, and then came back to write!

Everything sounds good at home, the Superbowl party sounded like fun, and so does all your vacationing father :) appyhaha. Hope this week can be even better than the last! Love you all!

Elder Elgan

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