Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy PDay!

Hello Again!

Well another week has flown by and its time to write again. Today its gonna be kinda short cuz we don't have much time so sorry bout that. Crazy to think this is probably my last week here in my area. I really love my area and it will be hard to go but I'm definitely ready for a new comp. haha. I feel like we have achieved so much here and I can see so much progress in our ward and area from when I got here. We have had lots of converts, lots of familias reactivated, and somewhat functioning ward council with a mission plan. I was happy to see that on Sunday and feel like even though I could have done tons of things better, I did good here. So next week I will write on Wednesday and let y'all know how everything went. I'm nervous. haha. 

Sunday was kinda crazy but the good part was that we had Vivanas baptism! She is a super awesome convert, super excited and is already preparing for the mission. :) We hope to baptize her mom this week as well. (see pic) We had some problems with the leadership in the ward. We were mad. haha but long story short I'm so glad for the organization and leadership that we have back in our ward at home. Its such a blessing. Meanwhile I'm trying to fix all the problems here.  

We did divisones twice this week with elderes in the zone. I went back to Carrera! So that was fun to see lots of people and converts I know and be able to be on those streets again. I guess that's the advantage of having a mission so small, everything and all the missionaries are just so close there is just no escaping. :) We helped the elders in Carrera and in another area with some problems they were having and it was a good experience to learn from others. 

We had our zone class, that went well. I got the valentines package and love it! Thanks so much, I could definitely feel all the love :) Today we went and hiked the Mirador mountain again. I really love it, and some hermanas from the zone wanted to go so we took a group. Then we came back and did the normal pday goodness and ya. 

Sounds like you all had a great week, you all sound busy so that's great! Brandi its a sign that God doesn't want you to move :) My prayers have been answered. hahah jkjk. But I love you all and have a super great week!

Love Elder Elgan

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