Monday, March 9, 2015

Lots of progress . . .

Hola Familia,

Well another week has gone by and we keep on working here below the burning Mexican sun. It was a pretty good week, lots of ups and downs, but I think I am pretty well adjusted to my area. I think back to the first week here in the area when I was so frustrated and overwhelmed and I have come so far. The Lord definitely puts lots of tests in our way to make us learn and become stronger. Even though we only are in our 4th week here in the area I have learned a ton here, and I'm grateful for this area, and everything that we have been able to accomplish until now. The time is just flying by now. Pretty soon I'll only have 3 more transfers. Crazy. 

Everything is going really good with my comp, we get along really good. He is very different from me, but the differences don't seem to bother me and we have fun. It's his birthday this week, gonna be 22 so were gonna have to party. haha. We have lots of good investigators but a big challenge here (and everywhere) is getting them to go to church. The church is pretty far away (in the Mexico Pachuca mission) and our services are really early. (at 8) So its a test of faith. The bad news is that our investigator from Utah is gonna break up with her husband and go back to Utah. :( Sad, but hey, maybe I'll baptize her in Utah! :) haha We were working with a few families and should have lots of baptisms soon. I have big hopes for this area. With all this struggling, we deserve some sweet rewards right? haha We shall see. 

Today was a pretty good day, we went to the big mall that's in our area called Plaza de los Americas and shopped a little bit. (Bought some new shoes on the credit card Mother :) Then went to Sam's club and Walmart. We took our time and had a nice stroll. We ate in Carl's Jr and then came back to the house and relaxed a bit, ironed my shirts for the week and all that fun stuff. Sounds like Mom and Dad had a super fun trip! This pics looked awesome and sounded like you guys had lots of fun. Hope Brandon is ok, that's too bad about the car hope everything works out ok. 

But I think that should just about do it. Everything's going good, and I hope you all have a super great week!

With all my love,

Elder Elgan

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