Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hello March!

Conferencia de zona

Dearest Everybody, 

Well this week was pretty good. We are working so hard everyday and walk so much in this area. I'm so dead at the end of everyday. Its been super hot and the sun is so strong so that sure makes things flavorful. But we have made some serious progress here in our area. My comp is a good missionary, we get along good, and he is always trying to joke around which is good. We know the area pretty good now, and most of the members. We have found tons of new investigators to teach and put baptism dates the 15, 22, and 29 of March. So that's great. I feel like there are always just so many things to do, and I always have to be the example for my comp and slowly he is learning to do it all, but for this most part I do everything. haha which is normal at first I guess. I have a really good district with 8 good missionaries. Our first district class was last week and it went really well and we have another one tomorrow. 

So guess what! We have an investigator from. . . Tremonton Utah! haha crazy huh!? Her husband got deported and since November they have been living here. Her name is Samantha. She went to Bear River and is 26. Such a small world. She really wants to go back cuz all her family is in Utah but doesn't know if she wants to leave her husband or not. She doesn't speak Spanish, so just I teach her in English. (Elder de la cruz doesn't know any English, and trying to teach him is literally like when Phoebe tries to teach Joey french on friends. . exactly the same, so frustrating but so funny at the same time haha) She had met with the Elders in Utah before but stop listening to them after a while. She is so awesome, and is so willing to learn. She went to church on Sunday but was sick and was throwing up during sacrament meeting so went home early. Its funny cuz her car has Utah plates and all, its like a little piece of home. 

We had a zone conference this week which was good, and today we had our zone activity. We just played futbol and ate Little Caesar's. (Pretty boring when Elder Elgan isn't zl haha) But that's ok, the rest of the day was normal, cleaned the house, got a haircut, went to Walmart all the normal pday goodness. 

Well Mom and Dad you guys sure seem to be enjoying the life in St. Kitts. The itinerary and nicest suite in the resort doesn't sound too shabby. haha hope you have a great week and hope Dad had a great birthday! I wanna see pics! Hope everything else is going good with everyone, and hope everyone has a delightful week! 

With lots of love,
Elder Elgan

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