Monday, March 16, 2015

Do Work

Hola mi querida familia, 

Well another week came and went and it was a pretty good one! We have been working so hard with this area and I feel like we are going to be seeing some fruits soon. This week we established baptismal dates the 22, 28, and 05 of April and had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting. I'm really hoping that we are gonna be able to baptize every week of this next cycle. We have found tons of great investigatores who have been super prepared by the lord to receive the gospel. I really feel like I become more and more converted to the gospel every day here in the mission. I feel so sad for the people who don't want to open their hearts and minds to hear this message, and I feel so happy to see people that do. At the beginning of the mission I felt bad for me when they didn't accept, now I don't, I feel bad for them because it is just about the biggest mistake they can make in their lives. 

Everything is going good with my companion. His birthday was good we worked all day and then walking back to the house I wanted to buy cake so we go into this bakery thing and I was like hey what kinda cake y'all got? And they were like, um cappuccino or baileys. Hmm which one. . . haha But I found some other cake and I sang to him and we celebrated then on Sunday a family gave us dinner and made him another cake. And today we went and ate in Chiles. So it was good, hes 22 now. 

This week they divided my district because they sent 2 more elders in my district so for a few days we were a district of 10 but then they divided it so now its just us, 2 sisters, and 2 elders and both are known by the whole mission for being just the best, hard working, and obedient missionaries. (If you didn't catch the sarcasm, the reality is just the opposite.) So I should have my hands full with those 2. 

So ya everything is going good, it has been cold and rainy all week which was weird but I think were getting back to normal now. Everything sounds good at home, getting into the spring mode of things. Next week I'll probably go to the offices for my package, the offices are so far away from me now. . ahh haha but oh well. Well that's my week, I hope everybody has a great week and stays safe and I'll talk to y'all next Monday!

Love Elder Elgan

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