Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gotta love the Mish

Alberto's baptism

 Our last district class. . 

Hola Everyone!

Well this was a long but great week! I feel like lots of things have happened. . . But me and my comp are staying here for another cycle, so we're excited about that. He's been a pretty good comp, certainly can't complain too much. This transfer he will finish his training. I'm still district leader, but to an even bigger district now. There are now 10 missionaries in my district. Its just too many, haha But oh well I'm just gonna have a little bit more work, divisions, and stress to handle but its all good. Can't believe I only have this transfer and 2 more and its over! Crazy. 

The biggest news is that we had Alberto's baptism! It was super great and very spiritual. My comp was really happy cuz it was his first baptism, and he got to baptize him. Alberto is so cool, he's 23 but wants to go on a mission. Our ZL's were shocked on how prepared he was for his interview and his baptism. He's a champ. Lots of the members of the ward stayed for the baptism and it was great. We watched the Church's new Easter video "Because he Lives." Super good, so we are working with that a lot now and are handing out a ton of little cards so that people can go online and watch it. (If y'all haven't seen it, watch it:)) 

President came with us to a few lessons last week and it went really well. He only had time to come with us for 2 but both were really good and the spirit was really strong in both of them. President didn't tell us we did anything wrong, or anything to do better, he just told us keep up the good work and we are doing good so that's a good sign :) 

I'm super exicted for conference this weekend, my last conference in the mission. I really look forward to conference so much now because it is such an awesome opportunity! We gotta take advantage of it! (Especially living in Utah) So that should be good. With other meetings I have, and conference, Monday will be here again before I know it. Times flying. 

Everything sounds great at home. The Easter egg hunt sounded fun, and Max's Mario cart birthday. (Pics??) Dad you just seem to be going on new vacations every week so that's pretty cool I guess. haha. 

Everything is great here, we have tons of work and are gonna have lots of success in this transfer, I just know it. I hope you all have a great week, Happy Easter, and enjoy the conference. I know I will! 

With lots of Love, 

 Elder Elgan

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