Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter/General Conference Week!

Hello again!

Well it was a pretty good week! It was really hard work wise because in these weeks in Mexico, the city is empty and the beaches are full and most all of our investigators were out of town and the streets were practically empty and everything closed. So it was a great week to have 2 days of conference. Conference was awesome! I loved all the talks, and with every one my testimony that this is Christs restored church was strengthened. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about where are our hearts, and the "why" to everything we do. Do we obey, and participate in this great work just because, to reach numbers, to impress someone else, fear of disappointing others, or be proud of ourselves? Or do we do it for our love of the Savior. That should be our main motive and our "why" to all the things we do. I liked how he said that if we had a personal interview with the Savior, he wouldn't ask for statistics, but would ask where our heart really is. 

It was really good to be in the mission for another Easter, and remember that that holiday is to remember Christ, and his sacrifice, but mainly Resurrection. Of course I had to eat my chocolate bunny on Easter like always so that was also a good moment. :) haha So yes it was a hard week, but it was worth it, and it ended off good. We are hoping this week will be better. We are still working a lot with the "Because He Lives" campaign and its going good. All our days are just full of lessons, contacting, and lots of hard work! I just gotta keep trying with patience and helping others so I can call myself a true Latter Day Saint. :D

Today was kinda crazy. We had our zone activity and it was pretty good. We played a water balloon version of capture the flag, and a devotional and ate bbq chicken, potatoes, and rootbeer floats. Once again I planned it and did most of it and it turned out pretty good. There wasn't gas in the church so we had to run to a members house to cook the chicken in the oven, and make the potatoes and what not while everyone else played futbol, but oh well it turned out pretty good. But it lasted way longer than we expected and were rushed in the rest of the things we had to do. We are hoping that this will be a great week.

Sounds like you guys had a super busy week as well. Hope Max had a great birthday, and that Nixon has a good one this week too! Dad sounds like you are never home, you just need to calm down ok? haha Well I love you all and hope you have a super great week! 

With all my love,
Elder Elgan

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