Monday, April 20, 2015

20 Months

This is a bag of coffee that we took away from some less actives. When we asked her if she had coffee in the house, she was like no, of course not! Then we said, sister don't ya be foolin us tell the truth, and she said ok. We were expecting the normal little bottle that everyone has but nope she pulled out this monster! haha 
(I was on divisions with Elder Gamboa, in my district)

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week flew by and it was pretty dang good! We have tons of work in this area, and we finished off the week pretty happy for what we have in store for the future! Everyday is a test, but its been so worth it. I have learned and grown so much in the short time that I have been in this area and with this comp. We have some great investigators, and this week we should have 3 baptisms. Yolanda and Leonor (mom and daughter) which are awesome. Leonor was born in the US and is 20 and wants to go back to study. Yolanda is so awesome and they are both super prepared for their baptisms this week. We went to the visitors center with them yesterday and it was awesome! So spiritual. The other is Jose Dolores, who we have worked with basically since we got here. He finally has received the answers that for months we have been praying that he could receive, and if everything goes as planned, will also be baptized on Sunday. So we're excited! 

We had interviews with President Anaya this week and they went super well. I left really happy from my interview. Mom, I asked him about the scholarship stuff and he right on the spot began to fill it out. It was pretty funny because he speaks and writes English well but didn't really understand some of the first basic questions and then for the separate paper he was supposed to write he just wrote a big paragraph right on that paper. Maybe I didn't explain myself, but it was funny some of the things he said. I will have to scan it to you or something so you can laugh, don't think its gonna work for the scholarship though. haha 

So ya, everything is going great, we are working hard, my companion likes to get on my nerves sometimes, but oh well, only 3 more weeks and he finishes his training. The days and weeks go by so fast, it just seems like there isn't time to get everything done that we need to do. On Sadie's Bday I will only have 100 days left in the mission field. Its the final countdown. haha

Well the whole fam just keeps so busy every week, so many changes. Mom, glad you had a good bday, and hope SADIE has an awesome one as well this week! That's awesome you got to go to Elder Blotters homecoming. And I can't keep straight with all the changes but good luck to everyone else with all that's going on and all the changes!

Hope everyone has a great week, love you all, and the gospel is true!
Love Elder Elgan

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